Monday, December 29, 2008

Counting down towards 2009......

Or should I say counting points to get my weight down as we head towards 2009! That's right people Jess and I have joined Weight Watchers on line and we have kicked it off tonight-we paid, we logged, we counted points, we are on it! So tomorrow night we are headed to the store to buy groceries for our first weight watchers meals to be cooked from recipes listed on the site.

This decision was made after a very eye opening weigh in, in the chez det master bath and the scale was quickly moved to the kitchen for daily reminders of the horror that we endured this needless to say weight watchers quickly followed.

No more LOSIC (Ladies of Ski Island Cocktails), no more "Betty Time" (happy hour), no more wine, no more cakes-cookies-sweets (well unless we save up our points by not eating ANYTHING all week), no more....dare I say it.....MASHED POTATOES! Don't be fooled though-I am on a temporary hiatus from the potatoes not a definite one........

So stay tuned this is where the diary will ensue about the adventure and the walk of life we women call weight watchers-AKA Torture!

The Queen

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Undiscovered Territory.......

Ya'll there is a new kind of potato-yes I thought I knew and had eaten them all.....but my "step" grandmother-AMA- has introduced the Queen to a new spud this comes from Iceland where her and my stepdad SB are from......I will call them AMA potatoes but they are definitely in my top 3! (jess not too be outdone by your new traditional casserole though:))

They are peeled, then boiled and the carmalized in sugar and butter until golden brown.....OMG heaven on a plate-I had 3 helpings and am now headed to change into the ever comfortable PJ's I received for XMAS.......serious these are going to go down as a new and wonderful creation.....

I am off to watch my new boyfriend again "AKA new Spud" Christian Bale in the Dark Night.......I had no idea I liked super heros or motorcycles before this man arrived on the screen......

The Queen

Stockings hung by the fire with care......

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Our stockings are full here at the Golden/Stone house and us girls are waiting to tear through what is under the tree......breakfast is in the works and the dogs even have some surprises from the looks of their stockings!

I wish you all a very merry christmas and hope that you have a wonderful holiday with friends and family! As 2008 comes to a close I realize how truly blessed I am for all of the family and friends in my own life......I love you all; but a certain shout out needs to be said to my #1 SBFF, supporter, counselor, cheerleader and family- Jess! Love ya Jess thanks for always being there for me!

The Queen

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sad News.

I am little down; Jess called last night with news that Tomot had died.....he had been under the weather and I was trying my best to keep him alive but then I guess the heat went out at chez det and it didn't help his cause......

I was sad-I am sad but I know that he is better off and as most of you will tell me "just a fish"......but he was my fish and he made the journey with Sam and I back home to OKC and lived through partyment with Det, Jess and I. I also thought he was a very beautiful fish-the brightest color of red........Jess assured me that she and Det would bury him for me ( I just couldn't see flushing my fish down the toilet) and bless her heart she said she would even say a little prayer for him-and let's face it Jess and I just aren't very "pray-e" so this meant allot. Such good friends I have and I know it killed her to call me in Dallas to give me the news.......

So 2009 we are down a fish but I am not out.......
The Queen

Friday, December 19, 2008

" A Bird's Nest on the Ground....."

This is the first time I have heard this analogy and of course it relates to me being single......I guess this means I am a "catch"; believe me I have heard them all but never this one......I thought it was pretty cute-shout out Vicki B.

Ok so anyway.....its Friday-I am officially on vacation for the entire week! It needs to be said that chez det has kicked it up another notch and now we have wireless in the house! So as Jess is cooking our XMAS dinner for tonight's celebration I am sitting at the counter, enjoying a "bud heavy" and talking to you! I swear if they keep adding cool shit like this I may never move out!

Side note: Jess is making a Mashed Potato Lasagna-yes people I said Mashed Potato Lasagna! My world is complete when Italian carbs and my most favorite carbs collide! It's a Paula dean winner-and Jess let me help pick the menu!!! I am so excited-who needs chocolate when you have heavy cream!!! I of course am drinking the wine and making the famous Queen "rock star salad"-you know that I have forever been assigned to side dishes right?

I need to update and tell you that I accepted a new job and start the 6th; I am very excited and looking forward to getting settled- however it needs to be said to my SSO girls that I am going to miss seeing them everyday and all of the fun convos we have:) Shout out......sorry don't know what it is with the shout out tonight......

So let's see I leave for Big D tomorrow; I am very excited to see the Matriarch and the Poppie and most of all my beloved Sam!!!! It should be a very fun filled and busy week-shopping is on the agenda! With that said....have a great weekend......I am off for another "bud heavy" from the chez det beverage center....seriously see what I mean.....I may never leave:)

The Queen

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Old Fashioned Christmas

So as the holiday approaches and I am in a very different place then I have been in years past........I started thinking the other day what I missed about the holidays when I was a little girl. Do you know what I miss the most? Christmas I am not saying I was the best at it; but I can remember all of the family (immediate and extended) gathering at my Aunt Virginia's and having lots of Christmas goodies and then the older kids would gather all of us younger kids and take us caroling......I distinctively remember one year coming back and falling asleep to Santa's Sleigh Bells.........

Oh those were the days.......I can't complain though-I am looking forward to a holiday season spent with family and friends and re-focusing on the real meaning of the season! I have to admit that I miss Santa on Christmas morning, but my mom's hugs and hot chocolate aren't too shabby either!

So this was a little sappy-but it is Christmas damnit :) So to bring you back down to Potato reality, don't kid yourself Jess and I are planning on Hot Chocolate (with a little something something thrown in) , an awesome meal Friday night and XMAS movies-all to celebrate our holiday together!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year-2009 will be the year of the Potato I can feel it:)

The Queen

Monday, December 8, 2008

All the Single Ladies!

Well the weekend trip to Dallas with my girls from work got off to a slow start, but it got fired up pretty quickly after our arrival! After we did some shopping during the afternoon on Saturday it was back to the hotel where we power napped and then began the getting ready process for our big evening out, and what an evening it ended up being:)

We dined at Hotel Za Za at Dragonfly; we were hoping to see some celebrities but a whole bunch of Santa's showed up instead-a cowboy one caught Staci and mine's eye! Dinner was amazing, and I would have to add that our little waiter "tator tot" was adorable and very sweet-he even brought us all flowers (his name really was tate), and we continued our evening at the bar there as we watched the last of the OU game and our victory!!!

After that we headed out to do some dancing and after some nice young gentlemen offered some drinks we were set for the night; ended up at another dance club and the throwing of "deuces" ensued-that was Staci's signature dance move that night:) Pictures to follow later......there are some good ones! All in all a pretty eventful trip with lots of good little stories along the way!

Hope this finds you all getting ready for the holiday and staying warm!
The Queen

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I did have......

this friend, a really really good friend named "schme" and in the past he visited my blog often and would leave very witty comments. I haven't seen or heard from him in quite some time and am wondering if any of you know where he may have gone?

Schme if you are out there-we (as in Jess, me and Amanda) miss you and we would like to hear from you very much! And don't give me any crap about work and life and yada yada yada! Get in touch with us-BEFORE XMAS! If not you get coal this year-no lie I talked to the man himself!

The Queen

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Living the Det style!

Well OK not exactly my dream, but if you have been keeping up with the blog you know what I am going to talk about; if you have been living under a rock then I am happy to announce that we (det, jess and all the rest) have officially moved into the hizouse!

So the house is awesome (for pics see above link) and we are all excited to be out of the apartment......Jess was so excited we already have XMAS cheer up in this biotch:) Seriously it is really great and I am really happy for them; my room of course will be awesome and it is much home-ier (sp?) than partyment...........Sam has been on an elongated vacation with JJ and Poppie (my mom and SB) since Thanksgiving, but he will be reunited to the new environment after XMAS.....we are gearing up for the holidays and I believe that baking will commence here in the next week or two......I usually drink wine while Mama cat and Jess do all of the baking....

So here comes 2009 and just possibly it could be a good potential spud year! Speaking of that my secret Santa got me the greatest candidate of all:XOXOXOXOXO
The Queen

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy "Thanks-gibbing"

So today is turkey day and one year ago today I was in St. Thomas and was on a snorkeling boat headed out to sea.......that's right the fam and I were on a 7 day cruise and last Thanksgiving found us out on a snorkeling excursion that was really pretty great-it was definitely a one of a kind! We actually ended up on a local private island before heading back to the boat and in true "potato" fashion I made friends with the locals on the beach at their holiday meal and grabbed some green bean casserole (hey what can I say-they weren't offering traditional Thanksgiving on the boat and you gotta get your Durkee where you can) mom and SB were actually exchanging "I do's" on this trip of ours and it was really one to remember-my title basically says it all-we were always greeted every night by our favorite waiters at dinner and they being of Asian decent tried their best to greet us westerners with "Happy Thanksgibbing", it was really very sweet. It reminded me of the Christmas Story and the family in the Chinese restaurant celebrating and being with family-which is all that really matters, right?! right!

I am here in Dallas this year (just arrived about an hour ago) and am with most of the family again this year-sans the step-sisters (who are doing the split holiday thang-love you guys) and the newly adopted grand-parentals-Ama and Avi:) They will all be missed at the traditional Stone/Golden feast!

As we speak the "Det's" are moving out of the old and into the new-so to speak-Casa La Bad Ass is complete and it is ready to move out of partyment-I will be back on site Saturday to help finish the transition; hey I was there all day yesterday cleaning-so I helped somewhat, you all know how I feel about the manual labor;)

So here is wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving! I am very blessed this year and every year to have the friends and family around me that I do-It's what I am MOST
thankful for!

The Queen

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sexiest Man Alive......

So People Magazine has put out their yearly edition of "The Sexiest Man Alive" and Hugh Jackman is the winner this year. Of course this wasn't any big surprise to me since his hit movie Australia is being talked about all over the place; but let's face it X-Men just wouldn't have gotten him here, ya think?

Anyways-I was wondering if men in general look at these magazines specifically when their own gender is being "judged" of sorts and wonder "do i measure up", "does my hair look that great?", "is my bone structure the be envied?". I only ask this because as women we are subjected to beauties on pages all the time and comparing ourselves has become the norm, which is said in a we need to look a certain way to be considered "beautiful"; so I was wondering if men ever felt the same about feeling the "sexiest or most handsome"?

And why are only celebrities and song writers/musicians taken into consideration as beautiful people; because they are the ones we see everyday? I mean if you are going to label something as "the sexiest-most beautiful-attractive alive" shouldn't you take into consideration the entire population?! I mean I am sure we have some pretty sexy/beautiful people here in Oklahoma and it probably doesn't have anything to do with their looks? Do you get where I am going here people?

So happy Friday to all of you Sexy, Strong, Beautiful, Kind Hearted, Loving men/women out there-you all deserve to grace the covers of magazines!

The Queen

PS Hugh Jackman is pretty hot though and has stepped his game up recently:)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It really is all around me.......seriously.

There is something not right about going out on a Friday night and even a mutual male friend propositioning me about having a baby-his baby no less. I mean like I said earlier it is in the water, not only in the water but in the air, in my food, in everything I touch and in everyone I am close with; even my girlfriend's mutual guy friend that met us out Friday night was whipping out pics of his son and turning in early because he was on parent duty the next AM. I really have no words.......I mean I know and understand that everyone is moving on in life and everyone is going in different directions but seriously everyone around me is headed down baby lane-and some are in the baby express lane.......maybe one day I will be there too and all of this will make sense.....

Oh and BTW my answer to the lovely baby proposition was-"I think you should have another shot"

The Queen

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It is in the water.....

Seriously! Everyone around me seems to either be pregnant, wants to pregnant or is name a few.....
1. Jess (wants to and is trying-and thinks she might be)
2. Someone I know-but can't reveal (due to confidentiality)
3. My nail tech (wants to be pregnant)
4. Alice (Mama & Papa Cat's pet raccoon)-is pregnant-yes a raccoon people! the last one is an animal and its only really 3 people but really I think everyone around me and I run into is pregnant. I however am NOT pregnant-just to clear that up........not that anyone was worried.....

OK so really that's all I got as of late.....the house continues to move along, we are almost ready to move out of partyment-the holidays are upon us and all is right with the world!

Hope this finds you all gearing up for turkey day!!!!
The Queen

PS The CMA's are on tonight people-that is the Country Music Awards!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

VOTE 2008.......

So my first thought this morning was......".it's election day.....damn the liquor stores don't open until after the polls close" you think this may be a problem? No seriously the only reason I thought that was because I am meeting a friend after work to chit chat and I am supposed to bring the wine.......but I was thinking why is that, that liquor stores don't open until after the polls close but you can go buy all the beer you want at the closest convenient store? Do they think you are going to get lit up and not make the right decision? Plenty of people are doing that sober......

My other thought was I thought that church and state were supposed to be separate; why then are most polling locations at churches? Just a thought I had.......

Happy voting and may God be with us in the next 4 years-regardless of who wins; we'll need God in the times we are about to face as a nation.......

The Queen

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Pick Up Artist.....

No not me.......but have you ever seen this show? Its completely ridiculous and absolutely the reason why there aren't any PS out there, I am sure of it......I mean if you have to go on a show to be taught how to "pick" up women by some some guy who looks like a side show circus freak-that claims he has the market cornered on this "craft" then all of us single women in America have serious problems......

They call us "sets", a group of women to approach is a "set".......the last I recalled we were called women-trying to have a good time with friends until dumbasses like them approach with lame ass questions........anyways the reason for this blog is a new term they threw at me last night......."keno".......basically a "set" showed one of these poor souls some "keno" and he couldn't respond to our Chris Angel look alike's liking.......what the hell is all of this if you watch this train wreck and know what this term means please enlighten me so I don't go around showing it the next time I am out and get approached by a "pick up artist"..........ugh.......still single and still looking for the main's no wonder when I have crap like this to compete with......

The Queen

Friday, October 31, 2008

Wishing you all a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN! May you eat candy until you feel sick:)
I am looking forward to Jess's mom's spin on the holiday with all kinds of fun things to nibble on-and her Halloween attire can't be beat! You rock Mama Cat!!!

The Queen

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today's Horoscope for all of you Virgos..........

Right now, you need to separate your unrealistic goals from the goals you can reach.


You are the master at spotting the one detail that throws off everything else and have saved friends and family from countless minor disasters. Today, though, you may need to let them make their mistakes.

So for me the unrealistic goals may be my outlook on money..........I need to start small and move from doubt I am totally stoked about moving into the newly revamped jess/det, but can't help thinking about my own place too........

Happy Hump Day!

The Queen

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bad Childhood......Good Life........

This is the title of the new book I am currently reading.......of course by Dr. Laura and all her wisdom regarding the subject. So far I have learned that there are several habits I have formed from this "bad childhood...." which are:
1. Victim identity
2. Reward
3. Familiar Routines
4. Revenge
5. Dependency
6. Excuses
7. Avoiding Challenges (now if this were conflict it would not relate to me:))
8. Being the "Center of the Universe" (what child isn't when they are young)
9. Fear of Change (OK so this one relates to me somewhat)

I am telling you this is a pretty feel good read.......of course I am totally being sarcastic...........So some of this I understand-some of it I get; but I am here to tell you that not all of my childhood was bad-there were allot of good parts and memories thrown in there as well...........sure there are things I need to work through, sure some of those are because of experiences in the past or lack of certain relationships.........but while I don't have all 9 "emotional crutches" listed above, there are some I can relate too.........I guess what I am trying to say is that don't we all have things that have happened-don't we all have things we would like to change or have different outcomes from stuff that happened in our past, childhood or not....?

I just pose the question because this book really got me feeling like I am or may be (and I quote) "stuck in my childhood ugliness for decades, sometimes forever, angry, bitter, self destructive, depressed, anxious, or just generally out of control and way off any positive track." Now I will be the first to admit that I have been there and done that-well most of it-and have learned (still learning at times); but can anyone else see themselves in some of this description.......come on people help me out here I feel like I may be the only raging, damaged, adult child out there.......:)

You know all of this is a bunch of crap right? I mean not me and some of the feelings-but this book?! Seriously......people can grow, learn and break cycles-it happens every may just take some of us longer than others.......

Pretty heavy for Tuesday huh-I think it may be PMS.......
The Queen (or "Queenie" for you Amanda:))

PS . Does this look like a raging, damaged adult child? No-Just one cramming her face full of Mickey D's and finding some relief:)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Urban....Potato? Maybe.....

Ya know like URBAN COWBOY:) So here it is what ya'll have been waiting for......OU/KS Tailgate!!!! As some of you have categorized as the "Shackin" evening (which there was none of BTW)........

This was such a fun day! I mean how do you go wrong in an atmosphere where everyone is there for the same reason.....drinking, football, more beer, food throw in some more beer and you pretty much get the cousin's sorority did a float in the homecoming parade (see pictures) and I even ran into the fam (see more pictures)-I even met the Senator, Jim Inhoff, for Christ's sake....which by the way was a story in itself......pretty random:)

Too wrap up this great day-the queen ended up in Tecumseh, OK-yes people- Tecumseh-at a bar called Cow Town and rode a mechanical really can't say I don't live life or make the most of every experience:)

The Queen

Sac-Religious (sp?)

OK quick post here......Jess and I were watching TV last night (not out of the norm-BTW we missed Real Housewives of Atlanta-no one say what happened; we're holding out for the repeat).....anyways......and this commercial came on about mashed potatoes. But instead of it being the real deal they have supposedly come up with a substitute.......a very "homemade" substitute! They pictured this women laboring over peeling potatoes (seriously its not that hard) and suggested it was just too much work to make the real thing!

Ore-Ida ain't got nothing on the real thing!!!! And I am here to tell you, the day that plugging a bag into the microwave to make mashed potatoes becomes the "norm"-that's the day I role over in my grave and right back to the real thing!!!!!

The Queen

PS OU/KS post and pics coming soon........pretty good stuff!

PSS I decided Jess's babies will call me "Queenie"; this will be my awesome auntie name:)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lots O' New!

Ok peeps, Det, Jess and all the rest is getting ready to blog away! I just know it! The old computer is back with a fancy new monitor and she will be able to access all of her picture making greatness! She has allot to share and i won't blow the surprise for you all-but its all so cool!!!!! And not to rub it in, but I get to chill there the next several months!!!!

OK-So's Tuesday-ladifrickinda.........

Good news-Potato Matriarch is coming to visit tomorrow for several days; i haven't seen her since i moved back so i am so excited!!!!

Big news at the 'partyment" last night-creepy guy in our parking lot sent by gut check off so we called the patrol in the lot and low and behold 6 cop cars showed up and the guy got the tazor action and taken off to jail.....along with the towage of his car......I awoke to Det telling me their were cops in our apartment that wanted to talk to me-not what you expect at 10:30pm when you had just drifted off the an awesome sleep-but I gave it and then i think the cop may have been extra chatty with me-he must be hard up if that was flirting, as my hair was tussled and no make-up was on my face and I am sure night breath had already kicked in......

The Queen

Monday, October 13, 2008

I wonder how Mack Brown is feeling.....

After his nice win on Saturday and paying off the refs! I have never, since the Oregon game, seen worse calls against OU or not in our favor at all....... 2 personal foul calls on Lewis that were anything but ( I mean the guy was trying to hold him up) and then we clearly had an interception in the end zone and Texas knew it as they left no time on their field goal kick and left us no time to decide to review the play!!!!

I would be the first one to tell you if we played a bad game and a loss is a loss, but this loss was hard to take; 1 because its Texas and 2 because we did and do have the better team. Did you see Sam Bradford's stats for the game?!!!! we have another year to listen to the looser horns gloat.......let them have their day, they know who is better and they won by default.....

Hope your teams did well-I have to say I can't believe that OSU #17 beat #4 Mizzou.....again all top 5 teams (other than Alabama who didn't play) got we'll see where the polls end up this week as we take on KU this weekend!!!!

Happy Monday-and Columbus Day!
The Queen

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby or not to Baby.........

That is the question.......Det Jess and all the rest is considering (not considering-she is ready) about having a baby......I mean (its hard to write this as she is over my shoulder)........

But seriously, lets talk about this.......I think that what bothers me about this baby thing is that I can relate to everything else in Jess's life, all of the experiences we have had and share.....I can't relate to a baby....I don't have one (except Sam-Love you Sam) and I am not anywhere near one happening......

We are close so when someone you love is going through life experiences its comforting to help them along the way........I can't comfort, I can't say I know how you feel, I can't say "oh i know how that is"......its just something I will be there for, but not helpful in.....

This is an unknown territory for me, one I know we would cross, but man it sure snuck the hell up on me and i am not prepared........

All I can say is I better get prepared, because when the new house hits-its baby making time and the fricking new enviroment isn't helping we go baby........

The Queen

P.S. Did I mention I was SINGLE and looking for my MAIN SPUD!!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


People I got nothing.....I have no PS#2-no news from #1 (which there wouldn't be) and no prospects on the horizon! I do have some pics coming your way from this past Saturday night-would tell you more about it,but don't recall a whole heckofalot........good times:)
The Queen

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I said it........

Well so I let PS#1 know today that we were better off as friends......he said he was disappointed.....but I feel so much better and just being honest is always a good thing!

I have a busy weekend coming up, and maybe a PS#2 will fall on the scene, but if not....I guess that's OK too-I guess..........

By the way-did you all know that OU is #1!!!!! Boomer Sooner!!!!
The Queen

Saturday, September 27, 2008

So here's the recap.......

Well I survived, as I am sure you all knew I would:) and I decided this dating thing may not be such a bad went a little something like this.....


So there was not really any chemistry on my part-but I really think that he is a nice guy......and you pretty much know how that goes........

I am really glad I took the step to go out though:) Here's hoping we have a PS#2 around the corner!

The Queen

Friday, September 26, 2008

3 hours and counting.......

OK so we are down to the wire and with 3 hours to go-I have had 3 glasses of wine.........i am getting ready to get i leave you with this......dinner,drinks and conversation with an old friend-no "date" included (except the payment of the meal).........

Here's hoping i can be a sweet potato......

The Queen

Thursday, September 25, 2008


(this is "the look" for ya'll that don't know-and sums up the feeling)

Ok ya'll tomorrow is D-day, better known as date was not a good day-anxiousness and nerves have all got the best of me........its been so bad Det couldn't stand it and took Jess and I to dinner......of course we talked about "the date" this point I think I have built this way up,-but really its all in my head.....doesn't remove the fact that i am petrified.....just of the entire word "DATE"......and all that comes with that.......I actually asked Jess why god couldn't just plop it in my lap, but i know that's not realistic. I think at this point you all should feel bad for PS#1......he is clueless-he made reservations, need i say more.

On another note-after the discussion with Det and Jess-I decided that i am going to take a different angle on this and just worry about me and where i am at in all of this, instead of worrying about the other person-because lets get real its always been about the other person to d-day tomorrow-we are on a count down......

I got my haircut tonight-color good-bangs the red shirt.....


PS Jess and Det's house is rocking!!!! she hasn't posted in forever-their computer has a bug and its hard to upload pics-but when she does you all will see all of the progress-bawchickabawbaw!!!!

PSS-i know i am not marrying this guy-and for all of you that think I am taking this too seriously then you don't know me very well and there is no explanation needed for you peeps!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have decided on an outfit for Friday night with the help of Det and Jess, well basically Det told me what looked like a "grandma" dress and Jess generously offered her AWESOME red top that i love!!! So basically its going to be dark, long blue jeans-red top-black heels and some it doesn't hurt I already had a hair appt. Thursday night!

I am feeling pretty good about the outfit-I will feel good in it.....this is key at this stage......

I also have to admit that walking this evening did a body good-but the beer did it better and relaxed me more.....Jess promised me wine on Friday night.......:)

More tomorrow.......
The Queen

What is that in the sky.....a bird....a its a PIG!

That's right people pigs have officially flown and I think the little bastards are skating on the ice that froze hell over too! OK maybe its not that dramatic, but what I am trying to say is I have officially been asked out on a grown up date! You know the kind where the guy asks, picks a place to take you to eat, sets a time and then PAYS for the meal! Now several of you may think I am over exaggerating-and this just isn't only "dates" have been the kind where you "hang out", not really formal......this should say allot about the guys I have been "hanging out" with..........

So ya PS#1 (and that's potential spud #1, not PlayStation-I don't why I have him numbered its not like we have more than one we are dealing with at this point) has stepped up to the plate and now the real anxiety for me kicks see I think I have explained before I am not a good dater-AT ALL......I get all freaked out, anxious, sweat-over just a little dinner and some manners. I really think its just an unknown situation for me so I really don't know how to act and the control is no longer in my hands-which is a huge anyways.......PS#1 is a really nice, guys guy that used to be an old neighbor of mine and I ran into him Saturday evening over in my old 'hood. Jess was with me too but left early as I stayed to visit......he drove me home (another shocker) and that was that-well that is after asking me out to dinner and i decided to take another route and accept an actual invitation.

Here's where I bring you all into this........I am going to post about all the anxiety leading up to this date on Friday at 7:00pm. And I have already kicked myself......Amanda/Jess get ready to smack your faces.....last night as he gave me the details about picking me up and so on, the picking me up threw me off, so I decided that I would tell him I would meet him at his house and we could go from there-he was like that is kind of weird-and I was like why, and he said well TD (his nickname for me) call me old school but normally a guy picks a girl up when they go out to eat-see what I mean, I am no good at this..........but I don't feel bad for him I warned him I was weird, difficult and allot of trouble......he just said he didn't mind, he liked me just as I was and he'd see me Friday........I am in trouble-BIG trouble!

The Queen

BTW: for you inquiring minds-I am going to Charlie Newtons-although he offered a another place that had great wine (since you know I love wine), but I opted for comfort food-figured I would need it!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Douche Bag (sp?)

Let me just say....... (Brandi).........we were out this evening and WHOA boy did jess give the what for.....that was about the end of the evening until jesus showed up.....and we decidied to drinksome more..........XOLXOXOXO the the queeen......

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Introducing.......Hailey Jolynn

My oldest, and I do mean oldest-I have known Laura since the 8th grade when we were in camp together (almost as long as I have known Schme-6th grade), and dearest friend Laura and her husband have had a baby! A baby girl that is.......Hailey JoLynn ......

Adorable, huh? I even held her without dropping her, this is a big step up for me-I am completely unfamiliar with children...... Well she is wearing the wrong team, but you have to blame that on the parents....heheh! She was born on September 1st, and that should be noted its the same day as our potato matriarch's birthday and a day before mine, the child is destined to love mashed potatoes!

Congratulations Laura and Don!

The Queen

Monday, September 15, 2008

12% or so they say.......

Main Entry: cheat
Pronunciation: \ˈchēt\
Function: verb
Etymology: cheat
Date: 1590
synonyms cheat , cozen , defraud , swindle mean to get something by dishonesty or deception. cheat suggests using trickery that escapes observation . cozen implies artful persuading or flattering to attain a thing or a purpose . defraud stresses depriving one of his or her rights and usually connotes deliberate perversion of the truth . swindle implies large-scale cheating by misrepresentation or abuse of confidence .

Well if you missed Oprah last Thursday you missed a created much discussion at my office last Friday amongst all of us girls and boy did we have allot to say! Basically it was all about cheating and why men do it-specifically focused around men.....they had expert after expert give all sorts of analysis and then even the bravest souls (the cheaters themselves) give their own was all the same, men cheat because they are missing something at home, but really their egos need to be inflated if you ask me.....and that's what some of the men said themselves......attention. It all boils down to the attention......really for both men and women, men may be driven by attraction and women by emotion but its all about attention and ego......

The second half of the show gave some statistics that I thought were pretty interesting.....specifically that 12% of men, no matter what will cheat and have no regrets or any remorse and more than likely will cheat again.....continually.....again and again......this is funny to me, although I know its not a funny topic but out of all of the men in the world I think that I have been involved with the majority of this 12% :) Hence that I am still lookin' for my main spud!

Lesson here-always listen to your instincts, its the truest voice you will ever hear.......
The Queen

Friday, September 5, 2008

"Like A Rat on a Cheeto"

This my friends is one of the best analogies I have ever heard.....I was talking with Jess tonight on our nightly walk as we reminisced on where and how this quote came about......

Not a long story, but of course Jess and I were out one evening at the very ritzy Henry Hudson's, a place where every classy woman should be scene.....and while taking some red headed slut shots that were purchased for us by some very manly men at the bar.....they began to tell us that they would be on "that" "like a rat on a cheeto"-I actually stopped mid-conversation and said "excuse me did you just say a rat on a cheeto" which was followed by a very proud yes and this my friends is why I love Oklahoma!

Just thought I would type about what I used to do on Friday nights as I now get ready for wine and rented movies:) Happy Friday!
The Queen

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

It's my birthday-I am 31 today and have officially crossed over into my 30' more 30-I am onto the double digits that begin with 3.........

I think 31 will be my best year yet:) Maybe my spud will be "unearthed" after all:)

The Queen

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Potato Matriarch!

Today is my mother's birthday and if I am The Potato Queen; she is our matriarch:) Even though she doesn't particularly like my blog (she doesn't understand why I would want strangers reading something that resembles my diary), I felt I should still celebrate this day on my blog-as I will be celebrating her birthday today-all day!

We aren't together this year for her birthday, she is on a cruise with my aunt (my aunt's gift to her), how do you top that gift?! Anyways they leave from Florida today for a 4 day cruise and my mom is super excited and very deserving of some time away to regroup and rest! They were hesitant to continue on their adventure because of Gustov, but decided to brave the hurricane anyway-so here's to you mom; my friend-my mother-my supporter-The Potato Matriarch of our family...

Love you mom and Happy Birthday-may this be your best year yet!!!!

The Queen

Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Friday! and casual Friday as well.....woo hoo!!!

Ok so its Friday-one week down and I think I am beginning to get in a routine. And you know me, I love structure and anyways its FRIDAY! That's about all the excitement I have this morning outside of that its also casual Friday, and I love not having to get dressed up for work.....! This weekend should be fun, some dinner and maybe a little gambling for the Queen's birthday, and then the extra day off as well!

Other than that not a lot planned-I think I am cranky-and when I asses (sp?) the situation I really don't have anything to be cranky about-which can only mean one thing-PMS! Oh I love the non-stop moodiness, bloating, lower back pain and bottomless pit of a stomach I can't seem to fill-now I know I am PMSing because I am being a smart ass-well I normally am so this is no different......anyway the point is-its not fun! period-no pun intended. Plus I hate being bitchy when I have absolutely no reason to be and then I feel like an ass and guilty because I am being ungrateful or the emotions are kicking in......great! This gives you a pretty good idea about how the next several days are going to go......poor Det and Jess. I am lucky that Jess is such a patient and great friend......I mean don't get me wrong she'll kick my ass but at least she gets me:) Det doesn't have a choice on the other hand:)

Well happy Friday peeps and hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend! BTW its the King of Pop's (Michael Jackson) 50th Birthday-WOW! I am old......
The Queen (of potato's that is)

PS So much for casual Friday and my excitement about jeans-hence the PMS and bloating!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Horoscope

Well this was an interesting horoscope for today.........

"Keep your opinions to yourself today -- there's nothing to be gained from blabbing. You need to let other people take the credit for your work for now, but the truth should come out pretty soon. "

This may help explain to you all how my week is going at work......I am trying to stay quiet and keep my head down (which you know is almost impossible for me-the keeping quiet part); just adjusting and trying to get it all lined out.

So I am focusing on decorating my new space today and making it my own; below are several pics that will be there to keep me comforted through the days ahead!

I love my Papa!

The Queen

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dog Walking.....or maybe the Dog walks me?

Ok ya'll it is time to get in shape! Jess and I have vowed to at least get in our jeans again (comfortably) by fall....and that's right around the corner! So we have been eating healthy and walking the dogs every night this week; it helps that we need to get out of the "partyment" as well......but I am thinking that the dogs think they may be walking us!

Speaking of my little ball of fur.......

I know-he's adorable (keep in mind he's a little heavier these days)! But I love him......if you don't have one, you need to get one!
Happy Hump Day
The Queen

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

So started my 1st day at the new job yesterday and all is well.......just wanted to touch base and say hello and let everyone know I haven't forgotten to post.....hopefully I will have pictures this weekend and will post them know my B-day is right around the corner:)
The Queen

Saturday, August 23, 2008


What do you get when you mix me+friends+wine=hungover! In need of advil......
The Queen

Friday, August 22, 2008

Eharmony.....sharmony...(that's not a word btw)!

Ok so here it is my thought on should know I have had my own experience with this site and it wasn't what it was described to be-nor was it I don't need any hate comments from those people who have found their "true love" and been married, yada yada yada. I am just a single chica who signed up for this crap over 2 years ago now (and was only on it for 6 months because that's what my mom bribed me with-she is more desperate for me than i am).......anyways......everytime i see one of these commercials i can feel something inside of me start to tense up; I mean not like a nervous tense, its more like a "where is the closest thing i can fling at the TV" tense.

I think this thing is a joke; they play on peoples emotions, get you to sign up for this bullshit-supposedly match you on "so many levels" and then whamo you are to find your Mr./Mrs. Right-I am here to tell you folks I don't believe that your Mr./Mrs. Right is on a website that asks you to pay $39.95 a month; I know mine isn't anyway. I know that its a way to be open to meeting more people and I should keep an open mind.....listen I have been single going on 3+years and I have heard just about everything about dating and how to go about doing it.

It should be said that I am not a good dater; I have accepted this but am still holding out hope that there is a very patient (puts up with me), morally sound (has some fricking sense about right and wrong), honest (doesn't lie about the wife he is still currently involved with), respectful (doesn't speak to me like a dog and maybe gets the door/bill every once in awhile), attractive (gorgeous:)) man that is awaiting me to complete his life. Did I mention I LOVE romantic comedies?!!!

I have been told that my expectations are too high, that nothing is perfect....and so on and so forth. But I can't help that I too was suckered into the whole "open yourself up" and joined that damn site. There are a few of you out there that know how my story with E-Harmony ended save some people's privacy I won't go into detail here; but let's just say that my 1st date (the only one i went on and accepted) ended with the nice young man informing me that he needed an organ transplant....I mean I was shocked and saddened-sad for him, sad for me; what do you do with information like that. Needless to say i cancelled my account the next I am not heartless and know that this was not this guy's fault (just bad circumstances), but I took that as a sign from the gods that I was not ready to date.....let alone publicize myself on the Internet........

So yes I am still single, I am still looking, I am open to meeting someone, I am not bitter any longer and am dealing with where I am in life........with that said when I meet that certain someone and fall in love I won't be on a commercial and he will already know all of my personality/compatibility traits and love me anyway!!!!!

Happy Friday-The Queen

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good Morning....Good Morning....Good Morning.....its time to rise and shine.....

So we will discuss my little sing song a little later.....i was checking my email this morning (all 4 of them) and decided to check my horoscope. The truth is I check my horoscope often and sometimes really take it to is no different. I thought this little tidbit could describe myself to those of you who don't know me that well.....and it goes a little something like this:

"You're in really good spirits today, and while you might be too much for some people, that is totally their problem and not yours. Hang out with others who have the same energy."

Notice the highlighted text in red; this is exactly me....always has been always will be. I am just too much for some to take, while others love my energy and LOUDNESS.....Det is coping with the latter:)

So I urge you too to find your inner zest/spirit and not give a flying flip what others think about it! Don't let them rain on your parade-literally given the weather!

PS-I haven't forgot about E-Harmony.....I have a feeling I will have a lot to I am trying to get all of my thoughts together and be able to make some sense too-after a couple of beers or maragaritas, i haven't decided what my drink of choice will be this evening:)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away....come again another fricking day!!!

So since I have been home it has rained the entire time (3 days), so its not that long I guess, but when you are trying to take dogs out and run errands; its a MESS! Today was errand day and so far I have taken Sam to the vet (my child), he proceeded to get sick so had to stay for observation; I have gone to wal-mart, bath and body and opened a checking account here officially. BTW my vet also informed me (after i handed him Sam's records from the last year) that basically my vet in Dallas was a rip off (big surprise there) and that all of the documentaiton and charges were outrageous! Thanks....Thanks alot-$2500+ later after the whole year there....another reason to hate Dallas and love being home! Anyways......not much other than that.....I do have some thoughts on E-Harmony (ranting more than anything) and I will collect those and post them Jess would say.....later tators!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A.....Oklahoma OK!

So the title of this post is from a musical, and it should just be said that i HATE musicals.....but this song always gets must be my hometown pride! I am officially home from Dallas; after being away over a year and 1/2 and am ready to be back to a familiar place. If you know my BFF's blog (Det, Jess and All the Rest) then you know the back story and that I am living with her and her husband, Det. So it's sort of 3's company, but it works for now! Pictures to follow and laughs as well......stay tuned:)