Monday, December 14, 2009

Me Casa, Es Su Casa and I have no Casa

OK so I made an offer, the second offer on the house I really wanted and the offer the seller requested and she still didn't take it! I was really disappointed, this all went down Saturday needless to say no casa. That means I keep searching-and searching and searching.......I am starting to get frustrated at this point but I know that my little potato pad is out there and waiting. I think that I may wait to continue the search until after XMAS next week......we'll see.

On another note-I took the leap a little over a week ago and made the call to my dad. It was very hard and emotional but I did it and Jess was there for support all the way! I have talked to him since several times and we have plans to meet the day after XMAS to visit in person and have coffee.......I am really very happy and ready to make peace :)

Tis the season!

Friday, December 11, 2009

"I mean I am a bartender, I do things that are important"

This enlightening quote brought to you by someone known as "sweetheart" on the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. Jess and I happened to be previewing this last night while channel surfing and this is what basically made me laugh out loud. Now don't get me wrong there is other commentary that is better than this, believe me! We are talking hard core Guido types that are all about the women and their appearance; while the girls are also all about their appearance and the other women.......

Go figure.....anyways it is a source of entertainment.

On another note-House hunting has been in full effect and I am getting closer and closer to an offer. Very exciting! And another thing to look forward to is the traditional (well it is traditional now since it is in its 2nd year) mashed potato casserole night with the Dets to celebrate the season. But who are we kidding you know Jess and I are going to be celebrating right thru New Years Day! :)