Thursday, March 19, 2015

The call came.....

and man I wish I could say it was a relief. It wasn't. Uncle Sam took me to the cleaners and then some......I am now in debt to the federal government and I am not happy about it. It could be worse, I am hearing this a lot lately. Just when I thought this was the worst news to be had, I also learned my rent is increasing this next year and I have uncovered an immune system that is shot. Go figure. Stress  maybe......I say yes. At least I am on track to dig out and strengthen the immune system - my ultimate goal is go be healthy and forego a sinus/upper respiratory/bronchial infection within a 3 month period.

That what doesn't kill you makes you stronger - literally lets hope. On a brighter note I had some much needed girl time with Jess and Kiki this past weekend! Kiki came in first and Jess, her mom and benlette came in later - we had such a great visit and one that was much needed for me FOR SURE! Love them all to pieces.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Uncle Sam

Awaiting THE call from your tax accountant and/or preparer is the worst. ever. It's as if they hold your entire well being and/or future in their hands.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Love or Friday the 13th?

Well here we are, the eve of Valentines Day - THE day that everyone falls all over themselves for, expectations are set, butterflies are in stomachs, we should all own stock in flower companies or farms and of course the disappointment......but not me not this year.

I am focused on that its Friday the 13th and almost 8:00pm and not a damn thing has gone wrong all day! Not only that, I have a great weekend to look forward to with my "pack", celebrating the one and only KIKI. When we get together there is always an assured good time! This year Valentines day has been the furthest from my mind, in fact I kind of forgot a couple of times - this of course is very different for me from years past. Normally I am forlorn, down, depressed, wishing I had a valentine of my own and of course was receiving flowers. Honestly I think I have grown out of it; I am really starting to appreciate the single life, the freedom it allows and the other blessings I have in life.

Not too mention, after years growing up watching the Charlie Brown cartoons, that are Valentines related, I should be made of steel - these are brutal. Charlie Brown never receives a Valentine, is always overlooked, desperately searches out the affection of a little red haired girl and is always disappointed too.

Here's to Valentines Day - wishing you love and happiness just not tomorrow but all year long. Besides I have the best "cupids" to keep me cuddly, warm and all loved up tonight and alwsys- Tator and Sam!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Warning Labels of Life

I am pretty sure that when you are 37 3/4 yrs. old the warning label on your life should read something like this:

"The following program may contain scenes and language not meant for children, parental discretion is advised. "

Or something of that nature, yada yada yada.......anyway my point being there should be some life in your life, ya know? Things that may be "unsuitable" for your viewers. To date I would say my life is pretty vanilla and I may have a hard time even earning a PG-13 rating.

These days my life label would be this:

Thats's right people. I am more of a Little Golden (no pun intended) Book these days.......

Sunday, January 18, 2015


One thing I have learned is that life is made up of a bunch of acceptance. Acceptance of friends, family, circumstances......yourself. Recently while in my "life coaching" (therapy) sessions I was told that I finally needed to come to terms with being single, solo, party of one. Meaning I needed to accept the fact that its where I was and had been in life and that longing for a partner was holding me back from moving forward or closer to a partner. I was also told that being single was temporary, to which I replied that 10+ years (with a few relationships here and there) didn't FEEL very temporary. Yes I know that circumstances can change, mine as well - that being single isn't FOREVER and sometimes the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the relationship fence. Its not that I have a fantasy of what a relationship is, and that there are many who aren't happy and WANT to be single or would rather be in my shoes; I just want someone to share a life with, tackle the obstacles in life with, someone that has my back the way only a man can (maybe this is giving the male species too much credit), taking out the trash here and there would be nice and most of all, not have to show up as the party of one (1) - continually.

I agree I could be a better, proactive participant in my own circumstances, or I better get ALOT better at accepting where I am. Single. On the couch. with two dogs. and a glass of wine. Which doesn't sound so bad either now that I think about it.........

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Reasons I Love the Big D.

NOT. It's 7:00pm and I have been in traffic for 45 minutes and traveled less than 2 miles. Dallas North Tollway - it's a love/hate relationship. As is Dallas in general. Maybe I'll be home for the 10:00 news. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

The kind of day......

.....where you put argyle tights on and they stretch so much it looks anything like argyle. Ya pretty much that kind of Monday.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Can we have a re-do, or do over of the holidays and new year please? Serious. Family, friends and myself included all have more than one reason for this request. 

Friday, January 2, 2015


In your belly button. We all have it. Grab a Q-Tip douse it in some rubbing alcohol and get to swabbing in there, you would be surprised what it can collect. Just food for thought this morning as I start to take my shower.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

I'm bbbbbbaaaaaacccckkkkk............

So it's been awhile, about 4 years if you were counting. A lot of life can happen in 4 years, I'll bring you up to speed and post about that here. For now I will leave you with that Season 19 is getting ready to start of my "fave" show The Bachelor (NOT.), theres been 4 seasons if you have been counting, countless tears, many a breakdown and break-up and no REAL true love to speak of........and I think I may be back at square one with my debate/belief in a higher being/power, more on that to come as well. Looking forward to catching up........