Sunday, April 25, 2010

And finally presenting.......

Disclaimer: These pictures are in no particular order because I couldn't get them uploaded correctly and it started pissing me off so I just gave up......enjoy anyway :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Free at last, Free at last....Thank god almighty, I am FREE at last!

Debt free that is!

OK so maybe I still have the car payment and now the house payment, but today was the day that I officially paid off all of the credit card debt, every single penny!
I should note that I owe a huge amount of gratitude to all of you tax payers out there, because without you I wouldn't have qualified for the home tax buyer credit that not only helped me pay off all of this debt, but also become a home owner as well. I hope that I have made you all proud by doing "the right thing" and being responsible.
A shout out should also go to this gal, without her constant guidance and help with the realization of reality I would not have come this far and it has been a hell of a first quarter of 2010 for me!!!
Update: My Easter weekend was excellent, I had lots of quality family time and even got to spend an entire evening with my real dad and his family, well my family :) I woke up and had coffee and donuts with him and my Lisa, it was the most amazing feeling to be sitting where I hadn't been in over 15 years. It was a great Easter in deed, and although I missed my papa like crazy and it was an emotional weekend and hard to celebrate without him, I think we all pulled together and did our best and he would have been very happy and proud!