Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday weekend kick style :)

The following are pictures from this past weekend in Dallas and our "family" get together. We always celebrate Jani Jan's birthday along with mine, since we are a day apart and who needed a reason for margarita's on a Saturday!
This past weekend was so much fun and it was great to visit and spend time with my mom and poppie! Grant made the trip with Andrew and I, and for a 1st I would say it went very well!
Hope you all enjoy the pictures and here is an extra special birthday wish to all of the other September birthday babies out there!!!!
The Potato Royalty :)

Our Matriarch

Martini cake-How very appropriate! (Sugar Stache is better-stay tuned)

Brenda and I-Love her!

Jenn! Awesome Mama!


P.S. No I haven't received any kind of jewlery (wink wink) for my birthday as of yet-I doubt it happens this birthday......maybe XMAS? ;)