Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fourwheelers + Fires = Field Parties

The Potato Royalty
(at their finest)

This is an update post from 5.16.09 and all that is the PK's definition of a field party, plus some great pics of the event should be noted that Jess and I brought wine and actual wine glasses to the event.......hey who said you had to just have beer at these kind of events; besides it gave Det and PK a reason to say "Ya they are with us" all night ;)
Basically the day started off with Jess and I doing our normal Ladies of Saturday errands and a great lunch-you know the normal......pedicures, hair, food, drinks, some food and more drink.....we were looking smokin' for the literally smokin' field party to follow that evening.
Never going to an actual field party before, when I told people about it they were like "what we did in high school" and I had to answer yes, this is what PK and I are now doing in our 30's-whatever it's always a good time if you are with friends-even in a here are some pics for you to enjoy, since I have been told I don't post enough pictures........(btw NOLA posts and pics to follow-there are some good ones so stay tuned).......

Thursday, May 21, 2009

PQ on the road........

So Jess and I are on the road for the weekend-headed to New Orleans, sans Det and that's how come I get to go....

The last few weeks have been busy ones with PK and life and kids (yes i said kids) and friends (love the friends) and wine......anyways I have lots of pics to post from last weekend's field party (no I am not in HS) thrown by PK's friends and himself. Lots of drinks, fire and four wheelers (yes i said four wheelers) back to the last few weeks other than the field party.........pretty much it has been life as normal, the cabin and all of its glory and then me and all of my glory.

I think I am gaining weight-lots of weight, it must be love or that I can't keep my hands off of anything bad for me-segway (sp?) into New Orleans! So what's one more of all that is good and delicious when I get back!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kreativ Blogger

So I live........

Yes I know on your update bar, if you even follow this blog, says that I haven't updated in over 2 weeks......hey I have life happening here people :) But I must do the "Kreativ Blogger Award" that Lady Bahrenburg signed me up for........

One of the responsibilities of this award is to list 7 things that I love in this world along with 7 blogs I love following. These 7 blogs I mention must do the same. Let's do it to it shall we?!

OK so I am starting with 7 things I love, they are pretty simple really........
1. My family (including the PK)
2. My friends
3. Sam and all of my other "adopted" 4 legged little friends
4. Great dinners with good wine (if this included Mashed Potatoes it would be even better)
5. The front porch with a good cup of coffee
6. Ladies of SI-floating and all that comes with it
7. Christmas

The seven blogs I love.......and in no particular order they are:

1. Det, Jess and all the Rest;; this is my main home girl and the one who introduced me to the blog world.

2. What's Going On?,; this is the blogmaster and who introduced Jess to the wonderful world of blogging!

3. Lord and Lady Bahrenburg,; this Lady and I met via work and have bonded over our love of shoes, Chinese and Nuvo:)

These next few blogs are courtesy of Mrs. Det.......

4. Scented Glossy Magazines,; if you love reality TV than you need to look at this blog!

5. The Pioneer Woman,; specifically for "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels"-check it out-its a pure country love story.....

6. Barefoot Foodie,; because she will say just about anything and is normally right on and it's hilarious!

7. YNG4EVR,; Jacobsen Jambalaya,; Hayden Hutcherson, - Just because I like keeping up with all of these girls and what's going on with them!

There ya have it........I must say on the PK's slow ass computer this post took me almost an HOUR-enjoy it!