Sunday, July 25, 2010

Umpa Umpa Umpa-a-dee-doo.....

For those of you not familiar with the Willy Wonka Umpa Lumpa - this is him:

This is actually the 1970's version; the actual current umpa lumpa would be this picture with my head inserted on the body (sans the Jersey Shore fake tan).

Seriously the weight gain is OUT OF CONTROL, so much so I don't mind posting here that I am at my highest weight ever of 175 pounds. The game plan is to start a version of weight watchers and drop this extra flab.....

I am actually so fat that over this past weekend on a visit to my mother's we were discussing clothes and some pants that I had purchased for her that happened to be white; while talking about the pants and her possible (major) dislike of them she asked this question.....and I quote "well do YOU wear white pants?" which basically in laments terms means "hey fattie do you wear white, because if you can than I certainly am comfortable wearing them". If you are a woman reading this post (and for my 3+ readers I know you are), you know that white is either your best friend when you feel svelt and sexy or it is your WORSE enemy and mocks every dimple and roll.

Whatever the reason, my weight has continued to sky rocket and the scale is screaming at me as I step on it. And it isn't screaming in a good way, like hey its been awhile I have missed you, where have you been - oh you, you aren't that heavy - ahem - ahem.

With that said let the Jess/Tam "weight watch-a" (as said by Carl the Iphone cutie and my new luva) plan commence on August 8th!