Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The beginning.......

The PQ beginning that you all know I went to Tulsa over the weekend with the PK to visit papa and so everyone could meet Andrew. The trip went really well and I was so happy to see papa and granny! I can say that papa was in good spirits and I think our visit did him some good-although he tired easily and that is expected. Everyone loved Andrew, as I suspected they would, and we ate and ate and ate and ate some more-as Jess likes to put it (and I love this) "have some gravy with your gravy" and believe me we did! Granny did us proud!

Anyways back to my title-Andrew and I decided to go to Claremore and see where it all began for me in a sense-well where I grew up. I have to say that things seem so much bigger when you are small; like my house and the neighborhood and even the was bittersweet in a sense. It seemed like it was a lifetime ago and another life altogether. But it was real and I could remember every thing about growing up here, right down to the powder puff 3-wheeler and the driveway I used to speed down-oh and my lemonade stand!

I took some pictures, but really everything looked run down and old-but I guess that's what happens when time moves on; I can't explain how weird it felt to be in this place I grew up but it seemed like it was not me that was there-but I was the one with all of the memories of it. So as we progressed down memory lane I started to get real emotional-well OK I started to do the ugly cry in the car. The PK hung in there and we talked it out, but you have to realize this was like a smack in the face of what life used to be like and that would involve my dad.......needless to say I was happy to see the place but just as happy to leave it behind. I guess in a sense running again from the reality of what my parental situation really is......just not ready yet to get all of the skeletons out of the closet, it sits so close to the surface yet feels very far away.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Times they are a changin'

I guess in more ways than one.....let's see where do I begin? Hmmmmm with the PK and the cat-let's start there.

Well for my 2+ readers you all know that we acquired a cat-I thought it was a girl and "she" had a pink collar and was FORBIDDEN in the house. Well after last Friday things have changed and fast-the cat is actually a boy-who knew? I had to take him to get fixed to figure that out, hence I have never had a cat before. And now the PK has really warmed up to the cat, Hobo; he has even been making appearances in the house. This was after no begging on my part; the PK just came in one night and put him in my lap and said "I thought you may want to pet him for awhile". Ever since then the cat has been hanging out with us in the night time and him and Sam are HILARIOUS-they play play play the entire time. OK enough on the cat-the PQ prevailed as we all knew I would ;)

On another note and not one that is very peppy-but on my mind and that's what this blog stuff is all about right-a diary for all the world to see?

My papa is not doing well-this man-I don't have the words for how much I love him and how important he is in my life, and always has been, since the day I was born-literally almost in granny and papa's living room :) you know me-impatient as ever. But anyways the PK and I are headed to Tulsa this weekend for a long over due trip to Tulsa for PK to meet the family and my #1 guy-papa. Its very important to me that they meet before life takes another turn......and by turn I don't mean in the good way. Well not for me or the family. Basically hospice has been called in to help granny several days a week; this doesn't mean that things are changing tomorrow but it definitely puts things in perspective and reality right in your face. All I really want is for him to be at peace and for him to not worry about us.

I have never had a loved one this close (when I have been old enough to realize what is going on) die before. My moms parent's passed and I loved them very much but I was young and didn't understand the magnitude of it or the loss my mom would feel. I can feel this in every inch of me-they say that you are prepared when you know it is coming but I don't think how much you know it is coming that you are prepared.......I am sad. Very sad; but happy that the most important man in my life will meet the other most important man in my life, and soon.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Super Fast......

OK this is going to be a very quick update-I know that everyone is busy but it seems that more so than ever lately the PQ here it goes (kind of like Letterman's Top 10, but not as funny-well he isn't funny either sometimes so whatever)...
1. Acquired Cat (you all knew this)
2. Rearranged and Cleaned the Cabin (also moved over some of my furniture)
3. Planned Trip to Tulsa (for those of you who know papa-Schmora and Schme, he is not doing well,-they have called hospice)
4. Prepared for Grant's Birthday (tomorrow)
5. Went to dinner ON Grant's birthday with PK's Ex and her husband and additional children (not the best night I have ever had-going to the dentist may have topped it, but it was for Grant)
6. Lady Bahrenburg's birthday brunch
7. Dinner with Jess
8. Dinner with Dave-Couple thang ;)
9. Lost Hobo-The Cat
10. Found Hobo
11. Taking Hobo to get spayed
12. Taking the dogs in for grooming

OK so that may not sound like allot but on top of work and dinner at home (which I am cooking these days) I stay pretty busy......

For all of you mother's out there that do it all-and I do mean ALL-God Bless you, I don't think I could handle it!

P.S. Wish me luck tomorrow, it's a birthday party on the ex's turf (as Jess would say).....I am thinking about prepping with wine and Andrew gave me a firm NO on that one.....what he doesn't know won't kill him!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The source........

This face (this sweet, purring, I love you face) has been the one thing that the PQ and the PK do not agree on, and I don't think we ever see I want to keep her inside now (I tried to hold out 2 days-give me a break) and he is ABSOLUTELY not going to budge.......but she is still she is ours whether he likes it or not!