Friday, February 26, 2010

Fried Potato......

Well it has officially been 2 weeks since I signed the paperwork and became a homeowner. In that 2 weeks we have completely given the "pad" many updates, including paint-fixtures-plugs-a good deep Potato Queen cleaning (and the matriarch helped as well). And then the final straw was moving last weekend; this week has been spent catching up at work and getting things unpacked at home......needless to say it isn't quite "home" yet. I need a TV and some reality TV up in that biatch, and then it will be home. So TV shopping is on the agenda next week!

The PK, Det, Jess, my mom, poppie and countless others have helped to get me situated and comfortable and to them I am very thankful and grateful-pics will be posted soon (just as soon as i get the Internet at home next week) and you all can see my new little place.

Sam is adjusting too and has finally decided to eat and not be at a stand off with me; I finally told him the other night that this was our house now and he needed to adjust....we have a mortgage-he ate that night :)

Needless to say, I am a "fried potato" and am very tired, but a very tired happy homeowner!

For everyone that is interested, the PK and I are fine and back on track-he has completely stepped up the last few weeks and made things happen at my new place, along with several nice dinners thrown in the mix and 2 dozen red roses :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can you say "Potato Pad"!

OK so I know this all I seem to blog about lately; but it just so happens to be one of the biggest moments in my life-a home owner, all on my own! And we are officially down to a 48 hour count down-official signing is 3:00pm on Friday and a little christening with champagne after!

Then the work begins; some paint, some cleaning, some beer, some more painting, cleaning and then some sleep! I am ready to move stuff in but I will be doing that over a course of the week.......

Spent the last weekend in Tulsa, and it is always so great to see granny and spend time with her. I wish it was under better circumstances but it is what it is and we always make the best of it and have a great time. She purchased me a microwave for a house warming; I secretly think she was concerned that without one I may not eat :) I also spent time with my cousin, dad, step mom and sister......have I mentioned how peaceful my life is these days-on the family front that is......everything else is up in the air; meaning relationship, work and general day to day.

Speaking of relationship-I think that the PK is maybe over over dating before it really began. Things were going great and then I screwed stuff up yesterday; meaning I reverted to an "old" place and feeling, reacted and it totally blew up in my face and I was the one in the wrong. So after some apologizing and pride swallowing it still doesn't seem any better so we'll see. Note to self when thinking crazy, don't act in the moment-call your BF first and have her talk sense into you, not after and then have her lead you towards the light......I dunno I feel really bad and like I blew it but only time will tell.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Holy Moly!

I don't know how I have lived without this service; but I have. I found a site that you can order cards from, birthday, etc. and they will deliver them to you (stamped and addressed if you prefer); while keeping track of all of your contacts and when birthdays, anniversaries, etc. are up and coming! For those of you who knew about this site or something like it. please bear with me, I don't get out and about often on the net to search and actually happened upon this while going through the latest Vanity Fair magazine!

I am so excited!!!!