Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I said it........

Well so I let PS#1 know today that we were better off as friends......he said he was disappointed.....but I feel so much better and just being honest is always a good thing!

I have a busy weekend coming up, and maybe a PS#2 will fall on the scene, but if not....I guess that's OK too-I guess..........

By the way-did you all know that OU is #1!!!!! Boomer Sooner!!!!
The Queen

Saturday, September 27, 2008

So here's the recap.......

Well I survived, as I am sure you all knew I would:) and I decided this dating thing may not be such a bad deal.......it went a little something like this.....


So there was not really any chemistry on my part-but I really think that he is a nice guy......and you pretty much know how that goes........

I am really glad I took the step to go out though:) Here's hoping we have a PS#2 around the corner!

The Queen

Friday, September 26, 2008

3 hours and counting.......

OK so we are down to the wire and with 3 hours to go-I have had 3 glasses of wine.........i am getting ready to get ready.....so i leave you with this......dinner,drinks and conversation with an old friend-no "date" included (except the payment of the meal).........

Here's hoping i can be a sweet potato......

The Queen

Thursday, September 25, 2008


(this is "the look" for ya'll that don't know-and sums up the feeling)

Ok ya'll tomorrow is D-day, better known as date day.......today was not a good day-anxiousness and nerves have all got the best of me........its been so bad Det couldn't stand it and took Jess and I to dinner......of course we talked about "the date"......at this point I think I have built this way up,-but really its all in my head.....doesn't remove the fact that i am petrified.....just of the entire word "DATE"......and all that comes with that.......I actually asked Jess why god couldn't just plop it in my lap, but i know that's not realistic. I think at this point you all should feel bad for PS#1......he is clueless-he made reservations, need i say more.

On another note-after the discussion with Det and Jess-I decided that i am going to take a different angle on this and just worry about me and where i am at in all of this, instead of worrying about the other person-because lets get real its always been about the other person to me.....so d-day tomorrow-we are on a count down......

I got my haircut tonight-color good-bangs short.......love the red shirt.....


PS Jess and Det's house is rocking!!!! she hasn't posted in forever-their computer has a bug and its hard to upload pics-but when she does you all will see all of the progress-bawchickabawbaw!!!!

PSS-i know i am not marrying this guy-and for all of you that think I am taking this too seriously then you don't know me very well and there is no explanation needed for you peeps!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have decided on an outfit for Friday night with the help of Det and Jess, well basically Det told me what looked like a "grandma" dress and Jess generously offered her AWESOME red top that i love!!! So basically its going to be dark, long blue jeans-red top-black heels and some accessories........plus it doesn't hurt I already had a hair appt. Thursday night!

I am feeling pretty good about the outfit-I will feel good in it.....this is key at this stage......

I also have to admit that walking this evening did a body good-but the beer did it better and relaxed me more.....Jess promised me wine on Friday night.......:)

More tomorrow.......
The Queen

What is that in the sky.....a bird....a plane.....no its a PIG!

That's right people pigs have officially flown and I think the little bastards are skating on the ice that froze hell over too! OK maybe its not that dramatic, but what I am trying to say is I have officially been asked out on a grown up date! You know the kind where the guy asks, picks a place to take you to eat, sets a time and then PAYS for the meal! Now several of you may think I am over exaggerating-and this just isn't so.........my only "dates" have been the kind where you "hang out", not really formal......this should say allot about the guys I have been "hanging out" with..........

So ya PS#1 (and that's potential spud #1, not PlayStation-I don't why I have him numbered its not like we have more than one we are dealing with at this point) has stepped up to the plate and now the real anxiety for me kicks in......you see I think I have explained before I am not a good dater-AT ALL......I get all freaked out, anxious, sweat-over just a little dinner and some manners. I really think its just an unknown situation for me so I really don't know how to act and the control is no longer in my hands-which is a huge problem.......so anyways.......PS#1 is a really nice, guys guy that used to be an old neighbor of mine and I ran into him Saturday evening over in my old 'hood. Jess was with me too but left early as I stayed to visit......he drove me home (another shocker) and that was that-well that is after asking me out to dinner and i decided to take another route and accept an actual invitation.

Here's where I bring you all into this........I am going to post about all the anxiety leading up to this date on Friday at 7:00pm. And I have already kicked myself......Amanda/Jess get ready to smack your faces.....last night as he gave me the details about picking me up and so on, the picking me up threw me off, so I decided that I would tell him I would meet him at his house and we could go from there-he was like that is kind of weird-and I was like why, and he said well TD (his nickname for me) call me old school but normally a guy picks a girl up when they go out to eat-see what I mean, I am no good at this..........but I don't feel bad for him I warned him I was weird, difficult and allot of trouble......he just said he didn't mind, he liked me just as I was and he'd see me Friday........I am in trouble-BIG trouble!

The Queen

BTW: for you inquiring minds-I am going to Charlie Newtons-although he offered a another place that had great wine (since you know I love wine), but I opted for comfort food-figured I would need it!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Douche Bag (sp?)

Let me just say....... (Brandi).........we were out this evening and WHOA boy did jess give the what for.....that was about the end of the evening until jesus showed up.....and we decidied to drinksome more..........XOLXOXOXO the queen.....as the queeen......

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Introducing.......Hailey Jolynn

My oldest, and I do mean oldest-I have known Laura since the 8th grade when we were in camp together (almost as long as I have known Schme-6th grade), and dearest friend Laura and her husband have had a baby! A baby girl that is.......Hailey JoLynn ......

Adorable, huh? I even held her without dropping her, this is a big step up for me-I am completely unfamiliar with children...... Well she is wearing the wrong team, but you have to blame that on the parents....heheh! She was born on September 1st, and that should be noted its the same day as our potato matriarch's birthday and a day before mine, the child is destined to love mashed potatoes!

Congratulations Laura and Don!

The Queen

Monday, September 15, 2008

12% or so they say.......

Main Entry: cheat
Pronunciation: \ˈchēt\
Function: verb
Etymology: cheat
Date: 1590
synonyms cheat , cozen , defraud , swindle mean to get something by dishonesty or deception. cheat suggests using trickery that escapes observation . cozen implies artful persuading or flattering to attain a thing or a purpose . defraud stresses depriving one of his or her rights and usually connotes deliberate perversion of the truth . swindle implies large-scale cheating by misrepresentation or abuse of confidence .

Well if you missed Oprah last Thursday you missed a doozie......it created much discussion at my office last Friday amongst all of us girls and boy did we have allot to say! Basically it was all about cheating and why men do it-specifically focused around men.....they had expert after expert give all sorts of analysis and then even the bravest souls (the cheaters themselves) give their own testimonials......it was all the same, men cheat because they are missing something at home, but really their egos need to be inflated if you ask me.....and that's what some of the men said themselves......attention. It all boils down to the attention......really for both men and women, men may be driven by attraction and women by emotion but its all about attention and ego......

The second half of the show gave some statistics that I thought were pretty interesting.....specifically that 12% of men, no matter what will cheat and have no regrets or any remorse and more than likely will cheat again.....continually.....again and again......this is funny to me, although I know its not a funny topic but out of all of the men in the world I think that I have been involved with the majority of this 12% :) Hence that I am still lookin' for my main spud!

Lesson here-always listen to your instincts, its the truest voice you will ever hear.......
The Queen

Friday, September 5, 2008

"Like A Rat on a Cheeto"

This my friends is one of the best analogies I have ever heard.....I was talking with Jess tonight on our nightly walk as we reminisced on where and how this quote came about......

Not a long story, but of course Jess and I were out one evening at the very ritzy Henry Hudson's, a place where every classy woman should be scene.....and while taking some red headed slut shots that were purchased for us by some very manly men at the bar.....they began to tell us that they would be on "that" "like a rat on a cheeto"-I actually stopped mid-conversation and said "excuse me did you just say a rat on a cheeto" which was followed by a very proud yes and this my friends is why I love Oklahoma!

Just thought I would type about what I used to do on Friday nights as I now get ready for wine and rented movies:) Happy Friday!
The Queen

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

It's my birthday-I am 31 today and have officially crossed over into my 30's......no more 30-I am onto the double digits that begin with 3.........

I think 31 will be my best year yet:) Maybe my spud will be "unearthed" after all:)

The Queen

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Potato Matriarch!

Today is my mother's birthday and if I am The Potato Queen; she is our matriarch:) Even though she doesn't particularly like my blog (she doesn't understand why I would want strangers reading something that resembles my diary), I felt I should still celebrate this day on my blog-as I will be celebrating her birthday today-all day!

We aren't together this year for her birthday, she is on a cruise with my aunt (my aunt's gift to her), how do you top that gift?! Anyways they leave from Florida today for a 4 day cruise and my mom is super excited and very deserving of some time away to regroup and rest! They were hesitant to continue on their adventure because of Gustov, but decided to brave the hurricane anyway-so here's to you mom; my friend-my mother-my supporter-The Potato Matriarch of our family...

Love you mom and Happy Birthday-may this be your best year yet!!!!

The Queen