Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pushing really

Well it has been over 30 days (OK maybe allot over 30 days) since my last post and at that time I was on a mission to lose weight - well in the midst of the last 30+ days I also turned 33 (hence food), threw a surprise party for my mom's birthday (hence food), Labor Day came and went (hence food) and college football started......need I say more. So no I haven't lost any weight just gained, but I am back on a mission and have a plan that I think will work......

The last month or so has really flown by and now that fall is upon us it doesn't even feel like summer was here! I have been dog sitting my mom's dogs while she and my step dad transition in San Antonio, and I have been nicknamed the CDL or Crazy Dog Lady :) I mean there is only 5 total - but ya it's allot in my tiny house so the PK is keeping Murphy (100lb+ Lab) and that has really helped.
Please check out the surprise party here; it was so awesome and I couldn't have done it without Jess, B and PK - it was really a collective family effort and it was just beautiful and mom was so surprised - so much fun!

My birthday was perfect! I not only received tickets to the Carrie Underwood concert, but also to Sugarland, a brand new "boutique" pair of cowboy boots and coach bag! I was so excited and it was absolutely perfect - we topped it off with some chicken fried steak and a little two steppin' :)

Hope all is well with you and yours!