Monday, December 14, 2009

Me Casa, Es Su Casa and I have no Casa

OK so I made an offer, the second offer on the house I really wanted and the offer the seller requested and she still didn't take it! I was really disappointed, this all went down Saturday needless to say no casa. That means I keep searching-and searching and searching.......I am starting to get frustrated at this point but I know that my little potato pad is out there and waiting. I think that I may wait to continue the search until after XMAS next week......we'll see.

On another note-I took the leap a little over a week ago and made the call to my dad. It was very hard and emotional but I did it and Jess was there for support all the way! I have talked to him since several times and we have plans to meet the day after XMAS to visit in person and have coffee.......I am really very happy and ready to make peace :)

Tis the season!

Friday, December 11, 2009

"I mean I am a bartender, I do things that are important"

This enlightening quote brought to you by someone known as "sweetheart" on the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. Jess and I happened to be previewing this last night while channel surfing and this is what basically made me laugh out loud. Now don't get me wrong there is other commentary that is better than this, believe me! We are talking hard core Guido types that are all about the women and their appearance; while the girls are also all about their appearance and the other women.......

Go figure.....anyways it is a source of entertainment.

On another note-House hunting has been in full effect and I am getting closer and closer to an offer. Very exciting! And another thing to look forward to is the traditional (well it is traditional now since it is in its 2nd year) mashed potato casserole night with the Dets to celebrate the season. But who are we kidding you know Jess and I are going to be celebrating right thru New Years Day! :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

El Fin.......

Spanish for "The End" I think........well today was it. The day that I moved out all of my things I had at ex-PK's; and I have to tell you that I feel so much better that everything is out and is over, and with me. So I am officially back in at Casa Det. My parents came up and the Det's came over and we knocked it out in about 3 hours-that's a record BTW.......

I have to say I will not miss the cabin, I don't think I ever really enjoyed being there to begin with. I will also note that it had been "re-furnished" with some new duds, and rearranged. Too bad all of the begging I ever did never got me where it is today; all that being said I am out and very happy about that fact. The only thing on my mind is Hobo, I did get to see him and give him some snuggle love today-I will get him just as soon as I can.......

Here is to a short week this week-and all of the Thanksgiving fixin's........

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


For those of you who don't know what TMMO means, let me be the first to introduce you to Dave Ramsey. TMMO would mean "Total Money Make Over", and that is exactly what the PQ has been up to in the last 2 weeks. I am reading the book, following the plan and drinking the kool-aide :)

With "gazelle" like intensity (get the book), I am attacking debt and creating a snowball effect. I have even gone as far as listing my favorite Chanel (yes the real deal) sunglasses on Craig's List, contacted Honda about a car downgrade and asked my mom to bring the old wedding dress to OKC for consignment. I am on a mission people and it is called "The Potato Queen's Palace".

This will be the the first time I will have ever been financially independent and debt free (well this is coming soone). I am a mere shadow of my former self; the one draped in items I couldn't afford to keep up with the Jones's and who are the Jones's friend's of mine.

That is the latest here in PQ land.......Sam is doing well and we are all adjusting to being back in Casa Det. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you know mama intends on burying her sorrows/stress in some mashed potatoes!

Friday, November 13, 2009

New light.......

So I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it has been a week and of course I already have an action plan set into place. Let's just say that enough can't be said for great friends, family and much needed support and reassurance.

I am on track now to truly start over and I couldn't be happier or in a better mental place; I am sure of my decision and it is even more confirmed each and every day.

Life is definitely a journey and there are definitely set backs, some self inflicted and some come with experience.....whatever comes though I know I will always prevail!

Now where is the wine :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

The end of a reign........

Well there has been much happening lately in the PQ/PK world and I am sad to say that our "reign" has ended. I am moving out and we are going to say our good-byes and go our separate ways. It was decided that our paths are moving in different directions and we are both grown up enough to admit that we don't want the other to be miserable or suffer over our differences.

Andrew is a wonderful person and I will, and am, mourning this loss and the end of a friendship as well. I know in time wounds will heal and hurt will subside.....

I am looking forward and going to focus on me and getting right in my life, really getting things straight and that starts today.........

PS In light of certain circumstances I have been given a pass on calling my dad and actually opening up that entire bag of worms......but never the less it is still important and something I am planning on doing before/during the holidays.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Have to situations......

OK well my niece Tia (Jess's furbaby) went in to get her nails trimmed and had the funny juice and everything-she came out fine and is all a twitter in the colder weather I am sure.....(I must say I love this dogs personality, she is very much her own and her mother, if you know what I mean). So you know what that means..............time is up and my deal is over. I have to call my father.

Many of you may think that this would be easy, but it is not. I am in one of the situations where it has been so long you don't know what to say-so suggestions are appreciated.......

Keep in mind (which my mother so quickly reminded me this past weekend) that the last time I really, really spoke to him and had a conversation was in 2002 and that ended with a "F*&@" you.

You can see how great we have gotten along since the age of 16........

PS-Many of you may think that is harsh-and given my age (22) sure it was immature sure. But there was allot of hurt, anger and bitterness in that one word.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Not yet......

OK I am putting it off-really off.......calling my dad. It has been a week and I have thought about it but haven't done it.........

So as soon as Jess takes my niece in to get her nails trimmed; which she is also putting off because she hates to put Tia under-then I will call my dad.......

That is the deal I made with myself anyway ;)

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's been long enough......

I have decided to bury the hatchet and call my is too short and I need peace one way or the expectations just a simple conversation.

I have procrastinated long enough-this week I will make the call......stay tuned.......

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Out from under my rock........

Seriously is it September 22nd?! Where in the heck did this month go?

Well it has been some time since my last post, so to catch everyone up to speed here go's........well the PK broke his ankle the night before my birthday (so b-day plans were cancelled and Jess, Mama Cat and B came to us)-don't worry about the PK though he is a man that will not be deterred from hunting season which begins Oct. 1 and a bear hunt in SE Oklahoma is first on the agenda.......what can I say?

After that Jess, Sarah and I had a great trip to Scottsdale, AZ for some much needed girl time at the Valley Ho, who knew there would really be some Ho's there if you know what I mean. After that it was back to work and then this last 7-10 days I have been down with bronchitis (which I have been blessed with once this year already); missed 3 days of work and am in the midst of playing catch up this week! Whew-so that is where September went......

Oh and some of the most exciting news of all- Sugar Stache- is on the scene (sort of), but is has been officially revealed here and I will let you read all about it! Too exciting!!!

So that is about it for the PQ/PK land; trying to keep up and keep on moving on :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday weekend kick style :)

The following are pictures from this past weekend in Dallas and our "family" get together. We always celebrate Jani Jan's birthday along with mine, since we are a day apart and who needed a reason for margarita's on a Saturday!
This past weekend was so much fun and it was great to visit and spend time with my mom and poppie! Grant made the trip with Andrew and I, and for a 1st I would say it went very well!
Hope you all enjoy the pictures and here is an extra special birthday wish to all of the other September birthday babies out there!!!!
The Potato Royalty :)

Our Matriarch

Martini cake-How very appropriate! (Sugar Stache is better-stay tuned)

Brenda and I-Love her!

Jenn! Awesome Mama!


P.S. No I haven't received any kind of jewlery (wink wink) for my birthday as of yet-I doubt it happens this birthday......maybe XMAS? ;)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The beginning.......

The PQ beginning that you all know I went to Tulsa over the weekend with the PK to visit papa and so everyone could meet Andrew. The trip went really well and I was so happy to see papa and granny! I can say that papa was in good spirits and I think our visit did him some good-although he tired easily and that is expected. Everyone loved Andrew, as I suspected they would, and we ate and ate and ate and ate some more-as Jess likes to put it (and I love this) "have some gravy with your gravy" and believe me we did! Granny did us proud!

Anyways back to my title-Andrew and I decided to go to Claremore and see where it all began for me in a sense-well where I grew up. I have to say that things seem so much bigger when you are small; like my house and the neighborhood and even the was bittersweet in a sense. It seemed like it was a lifetime ago and another life altogether. But it was real and I could remember every thing about growing up here, right down to the powder puff 3-wheeler and the driveway I used to speed down-oh and my lemonade stand!

I took some pictures, but really everything looked run down and old-but I guess that's what happens when time moves on; I can't explain how weird it felt to be in this place I grew up but it seemed like it was not me that was there-but I was the one with all of the memories of it. So as we progressed down memory lane I started to get real emotional-well OK I started to do the ugly cry in the car. The PK hung in there and we talked it out, but you have to realize this was like a smack in the face of what life used to be like and that would involve my dad.......needless to say I was happy to see the place but just as happy to leave it behind. I guess in a sense running again from the reality of what my parental situation really is......just not ready yet to get all of the skeletons out of the closet, it sits so close to the surface yet feels very far away.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Times they are a changin'

I guess in more ways than one.....let's see where do I begin? Hmmmmm with the PK and the cat-let's start there.

Well for my 2+ readers you all know that we acquired a cat-I thought it was a girl and "she" had a pink collar and was FORBIDDEN in the house. Well after last Friday things have changed and fast-the cat is actually a boy-who knew? I had to take him to get fixed to figure that out, hence I have never had a cat before. And now the PK has really warmed up to the cat, Hobo; he has even been making appearances in the house. This was after no begging on my part; the PK just came in one night and put him in my lap and said "I thought you may want to pet him for awhile". Ever since then the cat has been hanging out with us in the night time and him and Sam are HILARIOUS-they play play play the entire time. OK enough on the cat-the PQ prevailed as we all knew I would ;)

On another note and not one that is very peppy-but on my mind and that's what this blog stuff is all about right-a diary for all the world to see?

My papa is not doing well-this man-I don't have the words for how much I love him and how important he is in my life, and always has been, since the day I was born-literally almost in granny and papa's living room :) you know me-impatient as ever. But anyways the PK and I are headed to Tulsa this weekend for a long over due trip to Tulsa for PK to meet the family and my #1 guy-papa. Its very important to me that they meet before life takes another turn......and by turn I don't mean in the good way. Well not for me or the family. Basically hospice has been called in to help granny several days a week; this doesn't mean that things are changing tomorrow but it definitely puts things in perspective and reality right in your face. All I really want is for him to be at peace and for him to not worry about us.

I have never had a loved one this close (when I have been old enough to realize what is going on) die before. My moms parent's passed and I loved them very much but I was young and didn't understand the magnitude of it or the loss my mom would feel. I can feel this in every inch of me-they say that you are prepared when you know it is coming but I don't think how much you know it is coming that you are prepared.......I am sad. Very sad; but happy that the most important man in my life will meet the other most important man in my life, and soon.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Super Fast......

OK this is going to be a very quick update-I know that everyone is busy but it seems that more so than ever lately the PQ here it goes (kind of like Letterman's Top 10, but not as funny-well he isn't funny either sometimes so whatever)...
1. Acquired Cat (you all knew this)
2. Rearranged and Cleaned the Cabin (also moved over some of my furniture)
3. Planned Trip to Tulsa (for those of you who know papa-Schmora and Schme, he is not doing well,-they have called hospice)
4. Prepared for Grant's Birthday (tomorrow)
5. Went to dinner ON Grant's birthday with PK's Ex and her husband and additional children (not the best night I have ever had-going to the dentist may have topped it, but it was for Grant)
6. Lady Bahrenburg's birthday brunch
7. Dinner with Jess
8. Dinner with Dave-Couple thang ;)
9. Lost Hobo-The Cat
10. Found Hobo
11. Taking Hobo to get spayed
12. Taking the dogs in for grooming

OK so that may not sound like allot but on top of work and dinner at home (which I am cooking these days) I stay pretty busy......

For all of you mother's out there that do it all-and I do mean ALL-God Bless you, I don't think I could handle it!

P.S. Wish me luck tomorrow, it's a birthday party on the ex's turf (as Jess would say).....I am thinking about prepping with wine and Andrew gave me a firm NO on that one.....what he doesn't know won't kill him!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The source........

This face (this sweet, purring, I love you face) has been the one thing that the PQ and the PK do not agree on, and I don't think we ever see I want to keep her inside now (I tried to hold out 2 days-give me a break) and he is ABSOLUTELY not going to budge.......but she is still she is ours whether he likes it or not!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Never say never........

Well the garage sale is finished and it was a big success-we sold lots of things, made some money and had a great time with friends while doing it......the heat was not going to out do us! The beer started flowing around Noon and didn't let up until the wee hours of the night.....the front yard was our party central and after some Great Wall Chinese I finally called it a night about 11:30pm-keep in mind PK and I were up at 4:00am yesterday morning and the hard core garage salers were here by 6:30am.......

So back to my never say never-while we were hanging out yesterday evening a new little 4 legged friend strolled up and hasn't left.....that's right I do believe we are proud owners of our first cat. After Grant saw her this morning and then I gave her some milk, we were done for-well I was.....Grant named her "hobo" since she is a wanderer...and we went and bought food and a collar. I am going to call the vet tomorrow and get her all healthy and I guess she will be our first cat after that-officially....the only thing PK and I do agree on is that she is an outside cat-but I can tell I am already being won over with her purring.....even Sam is in love with her-we have never seen him pace and whine to be outside so much. He just goes out there to smell her and sit and watch really is pretty we have a kitten-never say never.......

Thursday, June 25, 2009

21 Days.......

No I am not on the wagon people-but 21 days since I posted last!!! WOW I am off of the blog track-I need to get back on this train!

Well a lot has been happening lately and we have been very busy at the cabin-we are gearing up for the 1st Annual PK/PQ garage sale-yes this Saturday we officially will be moving out items and combining lives....well the combining has started the past 2 weeks and the PK has had a hard time with letting go of his things-well you know my stuff is better;) But it is all coming together and I will have pics of the new and cleaned out cabin next week......

Also I will be posting much more as the PK upgraded the home PC and we are fast and furious on the net now-not to mention we have a rocking new keyboard that I am pecking away at now.....

So hope all is well with you and yours!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crawfish anyone? Also known as mudbugs, crawdaddy's, etc........

Well as most of you know Jess and I ventured to NOLA for Memorial Day weekend; Det and PK stayed behind and we met up with Det's friends that hosted us for the weekend! Thank you to Julie and Tallboy for such a great time and all of the laughs!!!

Basically if you follow this blog you have seen Jess's blog and she summed it up pretty well-there was many a hurricane drank, along with bloody Mary's, beer and whatever else they were selling along Bourbon Street-I think we even had a "hand grenade" or two.......those will getcha where you wanna go and in a hurry, trust me-I was happy and in bed the first night by 9:00pm!

PACE was the word for Saturday, but we still threw down and did NOLA proud! I will have to say that every where we went people were welcoming and friendly-from tourists to bartenders, to regulars at a bar handing out free crawfish to everyone.........I even managed a marriage proposal ;)But I had to decline as the PK truly has my heart.......(insert AHHHHH)-ok but my favorite line ever was "Darlin' (with a LONG southern slang) you are to pretty to fetch my beer, you let Mike go get it and you stand here with me and look good"-Classic!

Some of my fave pics are posted here and check out Jess's too! Again thank you to all and especially the Jacobson's-they had their very first crawfish boil at their new home while we were there; needless to say I didn't take to the little boogers, but the potatoes in that boil were good!!!!

And we're out........literally......well Jess was.......must have been that mint julep ya'll ;)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fourwheelers + Fires = Field Parties

The Potato Royalty
(at their finest)

This is an update post from 5.16.09 and all that is the PK's definition of a field party, plus some great pics of the event should be noted that Jess and I brought wine and actual wine glasses to the event.......hey who said you had to just have beer at these kind of events; besides it gave Det and PK a reason to say "Ya they are with us" all night ;)
Basically the day started off with Jess and I doing our normal Ladies of Saturday errands and a great lunch-you know the normal......pedicures, hair, food, drinks, some food and more drink.....we were looking smokin' for the literally smokin' field party to follow that evening.
Never going to an actual field party before, when I told people about it they were like "what we did in high school" and I had to answer yes, this is what PK and I are now doing in our 30's-whatever it's always a good time if you are with friends-even in a here are some pics for you to enjoy, since I have been told I don't post enough pictures........(btw NOLA posts and pics to follow-there are some good ones so stay tuned).......

Thursday, May 21, 2009

PQ on the road........

So Jess and I are on the road for the weekend-headed to New Orleans, sans Det and that's how come I get to go....

The last few weeks have been busy ones with PK and life and kids (yes i said kids) and friends (love the friends) and wine......anyways I have lots of pics to post from last weekend's field party (no I am not in HS) thrown by PK's friends and himself. Lots of drinks, fire and four wheelers (yes i said four wheelers) back to the last few weeks other than the field party.........pretty much it has been life as normal, the cabin and all of its glory and then me and all of my glory.

I think I am gaining weight-lots of weight, it must be love or that I can't keep my hands off of anything bad for me-segway (sp?) into New Orleans! So what's one more of all that is good and delicious when I get back!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kreativ Blogger

So I live........

Yes I know on your update bar, if you even follow this blog, says that I haven't updated in over 2 weeks......hey I have life happening here people :) But I must do the "Kreativ Blogger Award" that Lady Bahrenburg signed me up for........

One of the responsibilities of this award is to list 7 things that I love in this world along with 7 blogs I love following. These 7 blogs I mention must do the same. Let's do it to it shall we?!

OK so I am starting with 7 things I love, they are pretty simple really........
1. My family (including the PK)
2. My friends
3. Sam and all of my other "adopted" 4 legged little friends
4. Great dinners with good wine (if this included Mashed Potatoes it would be even better)
5. The front porch with a good cup of coffee
6. Ladies of SI-floating and all that comes with it
7. Christmas

The seven blogs I love.......and in no particular order they are:

1. Det, Jess and all the Rest;; this is my main home girl and the one who introduced me to the blog world.

2. What's Going On?,; this is the blogmaster and who introduced Jess to the wonderful world of blogging!

3. Lord and Lady Bahrenburg,; this Lady and I met via work and have bonded over our love of shoes, Chinese and Nuvo:)

These next few blogs are courtesy of Mrs. Det.......

4. Scented Glossy Magazines,; if you love reality TV than you need to look at this blog!

5. The Pioneer Woman,; specifically for "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels"-check it out-its a pure country love story.....

6. Barefoot Foodie,; because she will say just about anything and is normally right on and it's hilarious!

7. YNG4EVR,; Jacobsen Jambalaya,; Hayden Hutcherson, - Just because I like keeping up with all of these girls and what's going on with them!

There ya have it........I must say on the PK's slow ass computer this post took me almost an HOUR-enjoy it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


As we speak I am back in the PQ comfort zone of Det/Jess.....a little deck time, a little beer time and a little TV time cable TV that is) was such a long day and has been a long week and its only Tuesday-I know some of you can feel me......

So I decided to come over and chillax on my side of the couch for some much over due Ladies of SI time:) PK even couldn't resist and he and Det are chatting it up on the deck. Last I heard Det had him talked into buying a house in SI-that means they have had one too many "buds" :)

There ain't nothing a little cupcake, Jess and housewives can't cure!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

PQ + PK Easter Update

Let's just say that Dallas was awesome! Now we kind of got off to a rough start; left Thursday night and got diverted off of I-35 on our way down due to some serious fires; turned around and drove back to Paul's Valley-went through the Taco Bell drive thru and we were rear ended while in line; then we had to go on a very LONG tour of SE Oklahoma as to miss traffic and fires in order to get to Dallas-we arrived at 12:30am, keep in mind we left at 7:30pm-I was worried this may be a sign of how the weekend would turn out-but I was wrong.....very very wrong...........

PK and I spent allot of time running around and hanging out as my step-dad was sick and my mom was working, but we made the most of it and had a really nice time away. We cooked and drank and cooked and drank some more-the very best kind of mini vacations. Well the matriarch and poppy were very pleased with PK and welcomed him with open arms-I believe that poppy said, and I quote "we are so happy that PQ is happy-if she ain't happy ain't nobody happy" and he is right:)

So really it was just a great time and I was sad to leave my mom......but we are headed back in a few weeks to pick up several IKEA purchases;) told you my PQ touch would be hitting the cabin soon!

This week is busy with work, friends, dinners and cupcakes-as I write this Jess is busy making Turkey cupcakes for PK's event he is hosting this weekend for terminally ill children-isn't he just great! and the cupcakes look AMAZING too-I am happily eating any and all of those that don't make the Jess (Martha) cut........

Hope you all had a happy Easter!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cabin Fever

Well not exactly......

So it has been awhile since I have posted and I thought I would catch you up on what the PQ has been up too........

I have been spending a lot of time with Andrew and at his house-better known as the "cabin". You may wonder why I call it the cabin- well that could be because of several reasons; could be because there is no cable (did I mention I was addicted to reality TV) or it may because there is no electricity in the bathroom(blow drying my hair has become quite the challenge) or it has to be because of the "camo" motif throughout the home and let's not forget there is no lack of stuffed and mounted animals......but even with all of these challenges I wouldn't want to be anywhere else:) that and I know in the very NEAR future the cabin will receive a little PQ touch!

Let's see, I met Andrew's mom (went very well) and he meets my parents this weekend, as we are headed for Dallas Thursday evening-Happy Easter! This weekend Andrew has been away hunting (which I will have to get used too and also the concept of the actual hunting of the animals) and I have had some time to myself for errands and such; my OCD called clean kicked in as well and the cabin reaped the benefits! Sam is loving the cabin and Andrew loves Sam, so what more could a mother ask for really? ;)

I have decided to change Andrew from PS1 to PK (potato king); I mean since he is officially not a potential anymore and since I am the queen I need my king:) So PK it is.........

Really that's about it-just all of the normal things in the beginning of any relationship-so this is me signing in from love la la land:) I promise I won't be away this long again........

BTW the CMA's are on tonight-it doesn't get much better in my world than this lately!