Friday, October 31, 2008

Wishing you all a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN! May you eat candy until you feel sick:)
I am looking forward to Jess's mom's spin on the holiday with all kinds of fun things to nibble on-and her Halloween attire can't be beat! You rock Mama Cat!!!

The Queen

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today's Horoscope for all of you Virgos..........

Right now, you need to separate your unrealistic goals from the goals you can reach.


You are the master at spotting the one detail that throws off everything else and have saved friends and family from countless minor disasters. Today, though, you may need to let them make their mistakes.

So for me the unrealistic goals may be my outlook on money..........I need to start small and move from doubt I am totally stoked about moving into the newly revamped jess/det, but can't help thinking about my own place too........

Happy Hump Day!

The Queen

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bad Childhood......Good Life........

This is the title of the new book I am currently reading.......of course by Dr. Laura and all her wisdom regarding the subject. So far I have learned that there are several habits I have formed from this "bad childhood...." which are:
1. Victim identity
2. Reward
3. Familiar Routines
4. Revenge
5. Dependency
6. Excuses
7. Avoiding Challenges (now if this were conflict it would not relate to me:))
8. Being the "Center of the Universe" (what child isn't when they are young)
9. Fear of Change (OK so this one relates to me somewhat)

I am telling you this is a pretty feel good read.......of course I am totally being sarcastic...........So some of this I understand-some of it I get; but I am here to tell you that not all of my childhood was bad-there were allot of good parts and memories thrown in there as well...........sure there are things I need to work through, sure some of those are because of experiences in the past or lack of certain relationships.........but while I don't have all 9 "emotional crutches" listed above, there are some I can relate too.........I guess what I am trying to say is that don't we all have things that have happened-don't we all have things we would like to change or have different outcomes from stuff that happened in our past, childhood or not....?

I just pose the question because this book really got me feeling like I am or may be (and I quote) "stuck in my childhood ugliness for decades, sometimes forever, angry, bitter, self destructive, depressed, anxious, or just generally out of control and way off any positive track." Now I will be the first to admit that I have been there and done that-well most of it-and have learned (still learning at times); but can anyone else see themselves in some of this description.......come on people help me out here I feel like I may be the only raging, damaged, adult child out there.......:)

You know all of this is a bunch of crap right? I mean not me and some of the feelings-but this book?! Seriously......people can grow, learn and break cycles-it happens every may just take some of us longer than others.......

Pretty heavy for Tuesday huh-I think it may be PMS.......
The Queen (or "Queenie" for you Amanda:))

PS . Does this look like a raging, damaged adult child? No-Just one cramming her face full of Mickey D's and finding some relief:)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Urban....Potato? Maybe.....

Ya know like URBAN COWBOY:) So here it is what ya'll have been waiting for......OU/KS Tailgate!!!! As some of you have categorized as the "Shackin" evening (which there was none of BTW)........

This was such a fun day! I mean how do you go wrong in an atmosphere where everyone is there for the same reason.....drinking, football, more beer, food throw in some more beer and you pretty much get the cousin's sorority did a float in the homecoming parade (see pictures) and I even ran into the fam (see more pictures)-I even met the Senator, Jim Inhoff, for Christ's sake....which by the way was a story in itself......pretty random:)

Too wrap up this great day-the queen ended up in Tecumseh, OK-yes people- Tecumseh-at a bar called Cow Town and rode a mechanical really can't say I don't live life or make the most of every experience:)

The Queen

Sac-Religious (sp?)

OK quick post here......Jess and I were watching TV last night (not out of the norm-BTW we missed Real Housewives of Atlanta-no one say what happened; we're holding out for the repeat).....anyways......and this commercial came on about mashed potatoes. But instead of it being the real deal they have supposedly come up with a substitute.......a very "homemade" substitute! They pictured this women laboring over peeling potatoes (seriously its not that hard) and suggested it was just too much work to make the real thing!

Ore-Ida ain't got nothing on the real thing!!!! And I am here to tell you, the day that plugging a bag into the microwave to make mashed potatoes becomes the "norm"-that's the day I role over in my grave and right back to the real thing!!!!!

The Queen

PS OU/KS post and pics coming soon........pretty good stuff!

PSS I decided Jess's babies will call me "Queenie"; this will be my awesome auntie name:)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lots O' New!

Ok peeps, Det, Jess and all the rest is getting ready to blog away! I just know it! The old computer is back with a fancy new monitor and she will be able to access all of her picture making greatness! She has allot to share and i won't blow the surprise for you all-but its all so cool!!!!! And not to rub it in, but I get to chill there the next several months!!!!

OK-So's Tuesday-ladifrickinda.........

Good news-Potato Matriarch is coming to visit tomorrow for several days; i haven't seen her since i moved back so i am so excited!!!!

Big news at the 'partyment" last night-creepy guy in our parking lot sent by gut check off so we called the patrol in the lot and low and behold 6 cop cars showed up and the guy got the tazor action and taken off to jail.....along with the towage of his car......I awoke to Det telling me their were cops in our apartment that wanted to talk to me-not what you expect at 10:30pm when you had just drifted off the an awesome sleep-but I gave it and then i think the cop may have been extra chatty with me-he must be hard up if that was flirting, as my hair was tussled and no make-up was on my face and I am sure night breath had already kicked in......

The Queen

Monday, October 13, 2008

I wonder how Mack Brown is feeling.....

After his nice win on Saturday and paying off the refs! I have never, since the Oregon game, seen worse calls against OU or not in our favor at all....... 2 personal foul calls on Lewis that were anything but ( I mean the guy was trying to hold him up) and then we clearly had an interception in the end zone and Texas knew it as they left no time on their field goal kick and left us no time to decide to review the play!!!!

I would be the first one to tell you if we played a bad game and a loss is a loss, but this loss was hard to take; 1 because its Texas and 2 because we did and do have the better team. Did you see Sam Bradford's stats for the game?!!!! we have another year to listen to the looser horns gloat.......let them have their day, they know who is better and they won by default.....

Hope your teams did well-I have to say I can't believe that OSU #17 beat #4 Mizzou.....again all top 5 teams (other than Alabama who didn't play) got we'll see where the polls end up this week as we take on KU this weekend!!!!

Happy Monday-and Columbus Day!
The Queen

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby or not to Baby.........

That is the question.......Det Jess and all the rest is considering (not considering-she is ready) about having a baby......I mean (its hard to write this as she is over my shoulder)........

But seriously, lets talk about this.......I think that what bothers me about this baby thing is that I can relate to everything else in Jess's life, all of the experiences we have had and share.....I can't relate to a baby....I don't have one (except Sam-Love you Sam) and I am not anywhere near one happening......

We are close so when someone you love is going through life experiences its comforting to help them along the way........I can't comfort, I can't say I know how you feel, I can't say "oh i know how that is"......its just something I will be there for, but not helpful in.....

This is an unknown territory for me, one I know we would cross, but man it sure snuck the hell up on me and i am not prepared........

All I can say is I better get prepared, because when the new house hits-its baby making time and the fricking new enviroment isn't helping we go baby........

The Queen

P.S. Did I mention I was SINGLE and looking for my MAIN SPUD!!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


People I got nothing.....I have no PS#2-no news from #1 (which there wouldn't be) and no prospects on the horizon! I do have some pics coming your way from this past Saturday night-would tell you more about it,but don't recall a whole heckofalot........good times:)
The Queen