Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Friday! and casual Friday as well.....woo hoo!!!

Ok so its Friday-one week down and I think I am beginning to get in a routine. And you know me, I love structure and anyways its FRIDAY! That's about all the excitement I have this morning outside of that its also casual Friday, and I love not having to get dressed up for work.....! This weekend should be fun, some dinner and maybe a little gambling for the Queen's birthday, and then the extra day off as well!

Other than that not a lot planned-I think I am cranky-and when I asses (sp?) the situation I really don't have anything to be cranky about-which can only mean one thing-PMS! Oh I love the non-stop moodiness, bloating, lower back pain and bottomless pit of a stomach I can't seem to fill-now I know I am PMSing because I am being a smart ass-well I normally am so this is no different......anyway the point is-its not fun! period-no pun intended. Plus I hate being bitchy when I have absolutely no reason to be and then I feel like an ass and guilty because I am being ungrateful or the emotions are kicking in......great! This gives you a pretty good idea about how the next several days are going to go......poor Det and Jess. I am lucky that Jess is such a patient and great friend......I mean don't get me wrong she'll kick my ass but at least she gets me:) Det doesn't have a choice on the other hand:)

Well happy Friday peeps and hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend! BTW its the King of Pop's (Michael Jackson) 50th Birthday-WOW! I am old......
The Queen (of potato's that is)

PS So much for casual Friday and my excitement about jeans-hence the PMS and bloating!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Horoscope

Well this was an interesting horoscope for today.........

"Keep your opinions to yourself today -- there's nothing to be gained from blabbing. You need to let other people take the credit for your work for now, but the truth should come out pretty soon. "

This may help explain to you all how my week is going at work......I am trying to stay quiet and keep my head down (which you know is almost impossible for me-the keeping quiet part); just adjusting and trying to get it all lined out.

So I am focusing on decorating my new space today and making it my own; below are several pics that will be there to keep me comforted through the days ahead!

I love my Papa!

The Queen

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dog Walking.....or maybe the Dog walks me?

Ok ya'll it is time to get in shape! Jess and I have vowed to at least get in our jeans again (comfortably) by fall....and that's right around the corner! So we have been eating healthy and walking the dogs every night this week; it helps that we need to get out of the "partyment" as well......but I am thinking that the dogs think they may be walking us!

Speaking of my little ball of fur.......

I know-he's adorable (keep in mind he's a little heavier these days)! But I love him......if you don't have one, you need to get one!
Happy Hump Day
The Queen

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

So started my 1st day at the new job yesterday and all is well.......just wanted to touch base and say hello and let everyone know I haven't forgotten to post.....hopefully I will have pictures this weekend and will post them know my B-day is right around the corner:)
The Queen

Saturday, August 23, 2008


What do you get when you mix me+friends+wine=hungover! In need of advil......
The Queen

Friday, August 22, 2008

Eharmony.....sharmony...(that's not a word btw)!

Ok so here it is my thought on should know I have had my own experience with this site and it wasn't what it was described to be-nor was it I don't need any hate comments from those people who have found their "true love" and been married, yada yada yada. I am just a single chica who signed up for this crap over 2 years ago now (and was only on it for 6 months because that's what my mom bribed me with-she is more desperate for me than i am).......anyways......everytime i see one of these commercials i can feel something inside of me start to tense up; I mean not like a nervous tense, its more like a "where is the closest thing i can fling at the TV" tense.

I think this thing is a joke; they play on peoples emotions, get you to sign up for this bullshit-supposedly match you on "so many levels" and then whamo you are to find your Mr./Mrs. Right-I am here to tell you folks I don't believe that your Mr./Mrs. Right is on a website that asks you to pay $39.95 a month; I know mine isn't anyway. I know that its a way to be open to meeting more people and I should keep an open mind.....listen I have been single going on 3+years and I have heard just about everything about dating and how to go about doing it.

It should be said that I am not a good dater; I have accepted this but am still holding out hope that there is a very patient (puts up with me), morally sound (has some fricking sense about right and wrong), honest (doesn't lie about the wife he is still currently involved with), respectful (doesn't speak to me like a dog and maybe gets the door/bill every once in awhile), attractive (gorgeous:)) man that is awaiting me to complete his life. Did I mention I LOVE romantic comedies?!!!

I have been told that my expectations are too high, that nothing is perfect....and so on and so forth. But I can't help that I too was suckered into the whole "open yourself up" and joined that damn site. There are a few of you out there that know how my story with E-Harmony ended save some people's privacy I won't go into detail here; but let's just say that my 1st date (the only one i went on and accepted) ended with the nice young man informing me that he needed an organ transplant....I mean I was shocked and saddened-sad for him, sad for me; what do you do with information like that. Needless to say i cancelled my account the next I am not heartless and know that this was not this guy's fault (just bad circumstances), but I took that as a sign from the gods that I was not ready to date.....let alone publicize myself on the Internet........

So yes I am still single, I am still looking, I am open to meeting someone, I am not bitter any longer and am dealing with where I am in life........with that said when I meet that certain someone and fall in love I won't be on a commercial and he will already know all of my personality/compatibility traits and love me anyway!!!!!

Happy Friday-The Queen

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good Morning....Good Morning....Good Morning.....its time to rise and shine.....

So we will discuss my little sing song a little later.....i was checking my email this morning (all 4 of them) and decided to check my horoscope. The truth is I check my horoscope often and sometimes really take it to is no different. I thought this little tidbit could describe myself to those of you who don't know me that well.....and it goes a little something like this:

"You're in really good spirits today, and while you might be too much for some people, that is totally their problem and not yours. Hang out with others who have the same energy."

Notice the highlighted text in red; this is exactly me....always has been always will be. I am just too much for some to take, while others love my energy and LOUDNESS.....Det is coping with the latter:)

So I urge you too to find your inner zest/spirit and not give a flying flip what others think about it! Don't let them rain on your parade-literally given the weather!

PS-I haven't forgot about E-Harmony.....I have a feeling I will have a lot to I am trying to get all of my thoughts together and be able to make some sense too-after a couple of beers or maragaritas, i haven't decided what my drink of choice will be this evening:)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away....come again another fricking day!!!

So since I have been home it has rained the entire time (3 days), so its not that long I guess, but when you are trying to take dogs out and run errands; its a MESS! Today was errand day and so far I have taken Sam to the vet (my child), he proceeded to get sick so had to stay for observation; I have gone to wal-mart, bath and body and opened a checking account here officially. BTW my vet also informed me (after i handed him Sam's records from the last year) that basically my vet in Dallas was a rip off (big surprise there) and that all of the documentaiton and charges were outrageous! Thanks....Thanks alot-$2500+ later after the whole year there....another reason to hate Dallas and love being home! Anyways......not much other than that.....I do have some thoughts on E-Harmony (ranting more than anything) and I will collect those and post them Jess would say.....later tators!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A.....Oklahoma OK!

So the title of this post is from a musical, and it should just be said that i HATE musicals.....but this song always gets must be my hometown pride! I am officially home from Dallas; after being away over a year and 1/2 and am ready to be back to a familiar place. If you know my BFF's blog (Det, Jess and All the Rest) then you know the back story and that I am living with her and her husband, Det. So it's sort of 3's company, but it works for now! Pictures to follow and laughs as well......stay tuned:)