Monday, December 29, 2008

Counting down towards 2009......

Or should I say counting points to get my weight down as we head towards 2009! That's right people Jess and I have joined Weight Watchers on line and we have kicked it off tonight-we paid, we logged, we counted points, we are on it! So tomorrow night we are headed to the store to buy groceries for our first weight watchers meals to be cooked from recipes listed on the site.

This decision was made after a very eye opening weigh in, in the chez det master bath and the scale was quickly moved to the kitchen for daily reminders of the horror that we endured this needless to say weight watchers quickly followed.

No more LOSIC (Ladies of Ski Island Cocktails), no more "Betty Time" (happy hour), no more wine, no more cakes-cookies-sweets (well unless we save up our points by not eating ANYTHING all week), no more....dare I say it.....MASHED POTATOES! Don't be fooled though-I am on a temporary hiatus from the potatoes not a definite one........

So stay tuned this is where the diary will ensue about the adventure and the walk of life we women call weight watchers-AKA Torture!

The Queen

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Undiscovered Territory.......

Ya'll there is a new kind of potato-yes I thought I knew and had eaten them all.....but my "step" grandmother-AMA- has introduced the Queen to a new spud this comes from Iceland where her and my stepdad SB are from......I will call them AMA potatoes but they are definitely in my top 3! (jess not too be outdone by your new traditional casserole though:))

They are peeled, then boiled and the carmalized in sugar and butter until golden brown.....OMG heaven on a plate-I had 3 helpings and am now headed to change into the ever comfortable PJ's I received for XMAS.......serious these are going to go down as a new and wonderful creation.....

I am off to watch my new boyfriend again "AKA new Spud" Christian Bale in the Dark Night.......I had no idea I liked super heros or motorcycles before this man arrived on the screen......

The Queen

Stockings hung by the fire with care......

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Our stockings are full here at the Golden/Stone house and us girls are waiting to tear through what is under the tree......breakfast is in the works and the dogs even have some surprises from the looks of their stockings!

I wish you all a very merry christmas and hope that you have a wonderful holiday with friends and family! As 2008 comes to a close I realize how truly blessed I am for all of the family and friends in my own life......I love you all; but a certain shout out needs to be said to my #1 SBFF, supporter, counselor, cheerleader and family- Jess! Love ya Jess thanks for always being there for me!

The Queen

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sad News.

I am little down; Jess called last night with news that Tomot had died.....he had been under the weather and I was trying my best to keep him alive but then I guess the heat went out at chez det and it didn't help his cause......

I was sad-I am sad but I know that he is better off and as most of you will tell me "just a fish"......but he was my fish and he made the journey with Sam and I back home to OKC and lived through partyment with Det, Jess and I. I also thought he was a very beautiful fish-the brightest color of red........Jess assured me that she and Det would bury him for me ( I just couldn't see flushing my fish down the toilet) and bless her heart she said she would even say a little prayer for him-and let's face it Jess and I just aren't very "pray-e" so this meant allot. Such good friends I have and I know it killed her to call me in Dallas to give me the news.......

So 2009 we are down a fish but I am not out.......
The Queen

Friday, December 19, 2008

" A Bird's Nest on the Ground....."

This is the first time I have heard this analogy and of course it relates to me being single......I guess this means I am a "catch"; believe me I have heard them all but never this one......I thought it was pretty cute-shout out Vicki B.

Ok so anyway.....its Friday-I am officially on vacation for the entire week! It needs to be said that chez det has kicked it up another notch and now we have wireless in the house! So as Jess is cooking our XMAS dinner for tonight's celebration I am sitting at the counter, enjoying a "bud heavy" and talking to you! I swear if they keep adding cool shit like this I may never move out!

Side note: Jess is making a Mashed Potato Lasagna-yes people I said Mashed Potato Lasagna! My world is complete when Italian carbs and my most favorite carbs collide! It's a Paula dean winner-and Jess let me help pick the menu!!! I am so excited-who needs chocolate when you have heavy cream!!! I of course am drinking the wine and making the famous Queen "rock star salad"-you know that I have forever been assigned to side dishes right?

I need to update and tell you that I accepted a new job and start the 6th; I am very excited and looking forward to getting settled- however it needs to be said to my SSO girls that I am going to miss seeing them everyday and all of the fun convos we have:) Shout out......sorry don't know what it is with the shout out tonight......

So let's see I leave for Big D tomorrow; I am very excited to see the Matriarch and the Poppie and most of all my beloved Sam!!!! It should be a very fun filled and busy week-shopping is on the agenda! With that said....have a great weekend......I am off for another "bud heavy" from the chez det beverage center....seriously see what I mean.....I may never leave:)

The Queen

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Old Fashioned Christmas

So as the holiday approaches and I am in a very different place then I have been in years past........I started thinking the other day what I missed about the holidays when I was a little girl. Do you know what I miss the most? Christmas I am not saying I was the best at it; but I can remember all of the family (immediate and extended) gathering at my Aunt Virginia's and having lots of Christmas goodies and then the older kids would gather all of us younger kids and take us caroling......I distinctively remember one year coming back and falling asleep to Santa's Sleigh Bells.........

Oh those were the days.......I can't complain though-I am looking forward to a holiday season spent with family and friends and re-focusing on the real meaning of the season! I have to admit that I miss Santa on Christmas morning, but my mom's hugs and hot chocolate aren't too shabby either!

So this was a little sappy-but it is Christmas damnit :) So to bring you back down to Potato reality, don't kid yourself Jess and I are planning on Hot Chocolate (with a little something something thrown in) , an awesome meal Friday night and XMAS movies-all to celebrate our holiday together!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year-2009 will be the year of the Potato I can feel it:)

The Queen

Monday, December 8, 2008

All the Single Ladies!

Well the weekend trip to Dallas with my girls from work got off to a slow start, but it got fired up pretty quickly after our arrival! After we did some shopping during the afternoon on Saturday it was back to the hotel where we power napped and then began the getting ready process for our big evening out, and what an evening it ended up being:)

We dined at Hotel Za Za at Dragonfly; we were hoping to see some celebrities but a whole bunch of Santa's showed up instead-a cowboy one caught Staci and mine's eye! Dinner was amazing, and I would have to add that our little waiter "tator tot" was adorable and very sweet-he even brought us all flowers (his name really was tate), and we continued our evening at the bar there as we watched the last of the OU game and our victory!!!

After that we headed out to do some dancing and after some nice young gentlemen offered some drinks we were set for the night; ended up at another dance club and the throwing of "deuces" ensued-that was Staci's signature dance move that night:) Pictures to follow later......there are some good ones! All in all a pretty eventful trip with lots of good little stories along the way!

Hope this finds you all getting ready for the holiday and staying warm!
The Queen

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I did have......

this friend, a really really good friend named "schme" and in the past he visited my blog often and would leave very witty comments. I haven't seen or heard from him in quite some time and am wondering if any of you know where he may have gone?

Schme if you are out there-we (as in Jess, me and Amanda) miss you and we would like to hear from you very much! And don't give me any crap about work and life and yada yada yada! Get in touch with us-BEFORE XMAS! If not you get coal this year-no lie I talked to the man himself!

The Queen

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Living the Det style!

Well OK not exactly my dream, but if you have been keeping up with the blog you know what I am going to talk about; if you have been living under a rock then I am happy to announce that we (det, jess and all the rest) have officially moved into the hizouse!

So the house is awesome (for pics see above link) and we are all excited to be out of the apartment......Jess was so excited we already have XMAS cheer up in this biotch:) Seriously it is really great and I am really happy for them; my room of course will be awesome and it is much home-ier (sp?) than partyment...........Sam has been on an elongated vacation with JJ and Poppie (my mom and SB) since Thanksgiving, but he will be reunited to the new environment after XMAS.....we are gearing up for the holidays and I believe that baking will commence here in the next week or two......I usually drink wine while Mama cat and Jess do all of the baking....

So here comes 2009 and just possibly it could be a good potential spud year! Speaking of that my secret Santa got me the greatest candidate of all:XOXOXOXOXO
The Queen