Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy "Thanks-gibbing"

So today is turkey day and one year ago today I was in St. Thomas and was on a snorkeling boat headed out to sea.......that's right the fam and I were on a 7 day cruise and last Thanksgiving found us out on a snorkeling excursion that was really pretty great-it was definitely a one of a kind! We actually ended up on a local private island before heading back to the boat and in true "potato" fashion I made friends with the locals on the beach at their holiday meal and grabbed some green bean casserole (hey what can I say-they weren't offering traditional Thanksgiving on the boat and you gotta get your Durkee where you can) mom and SB were actually exchanging "I do's" on this trip of ours and it was really one to remember-my title basically says it all-we were always greeted every night by our favorite waiters at dinner and they being of Asian decent tried their best to greet us westerners with "Happy Thanksgibbing", it was really very sweet. It reminded me of the Christmas Story and the family in the Chinese restaurant celebrating and being with family-which is all that really matters, right?! right!

I am here in Dallas this year (just arrived about an hour ago) and am with most of the family again this year-sans the step-sisters (who are doing the split holiday thang-love you guys) and the newly adopted grand-parentals-Ama and Avi:) They will all be missed at the traditional Stone/Golden feast!

As we speak the "Det's" are moving out of the old and into the new-so to speak-Casa La Bad Ass is complete and it is ready to move out of partyment-I will be back on site Saturday to help finish the transition; hey I was there all day yesterday cleaning-so I helped somewhat, you all know how I feel about the manual labor;)

So here is wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving! I am very blessed this year and every year to have the friends and family around me that I do-It's what I am MOST
thankful for!

The Queen

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sexiest Man Alive......

So People Magazine has put out their yearly edition of "The Sexiest Man Alive" and Hugh Jackman is the winner this year. Of course this wasn't any big surprise to me since his hit movie Australia is being talked about all over the place; but let's face it X-Men just wouldn't have gotten him here, ya think?

Anyways-I was wondering if men in general look at these magazines specifically when their own gender is being "judged" of sorts and wonder "do i measure up", "does my hair look that great?", "is my bone structure the be envied?". I only ask this because as women we are subjected to beauties on pages all the time and comparing ourselves has become the norm, which is said in a we need to look a certain way to be considered "beautiful"; so I was wondering if men ever felt the same about feeling the "sexiest or most handsome"?

And why are only celebrities and song writers/musicians taken into consideration as beautiful people; because they are the ones we see everyday? I mean if you are going to label something as "the sexiest-most beautiful-attractive alive" shouldn't you take into consideration the entire population?! I mean I am sure we have some pretty sexy/beautiful people here in Oklahoma and it probably doesn't have anything to do with their looks? Do you get where I am going here people?

So happy Friday to all of you Sexy, Strong, Beautiful, Kind Hearted, Loving men/women out there-you all deserve to grace the covers of magazines!

The Queen

PS Hugh Jackman is pretty hot though and has stepped his game up recently:)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It really is all around me.......seriously.

There is something not right about going out on a Friday night and even a mutual male friend propositioning me about having a baby-his baby no less. I mean like I said earlier it is in the water, not only in the water but in the air, in my food, in everything I touch and in everyone I am close with; even my girlfriend's mutual guy friend that met us out Friday night was whipping out pics of his son and turning in early because he was on parent duty the next AM. I really have no words.......I mean I know and understand that everyone is moving on in life and everyone is going in different directions but seriously everyone around me is headed down baby lane-and some are in the baby express lane.......maybe one day I will be there too and all of this will make sense.....

Oh and BTW my answer to the lovely baby proposition was-"I think you should have another shot"

The Queen

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It is in the water.....

Seriously! Everyone around me seems to either be pregnant, wants to pregnant or is name a few.....
1. Jess (wants to and is trying-and thinks she might be)
2. Someone I know-but can't reveal (due to confidentiality)
3. My nail tech (wants to be pregnant)
4. Alice (Mama & Papa Cat's pet raccoon)-is pregnant-yes a raccoon people! the last one is an animal and its only really 3 people but really I think everyone around me and I run into is pregnant. I however am NOT pregnant-just to clear that up........not that anyone was worried.....

OK so really that's all I got as of late.....the house continues to move along, we are almost ready to move out of partyment-the holidays are upon us and all is right with the world!

Hope this finds you all gearing up for turkey day!!!!
The Queen

PS The CMA's are on tonight people-that is the Country Music Awards!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

VOTE 2008.......

So my first thought this morning was......".it's election day.....damn the liquor stores don't open until after the polls close" you think this may be a problem? No seriously the only reason I thought that was because I am meeting a friend after work to chit chat and I am supposed to bring the wine.......but I was thinking why is that, that liquor stores don't open until after the polls close but you can go buy all the beer you want at the closest convenient store? Do they think you are going to get lit up and not make the right decision? Plenty of people are doing that sober......

My other thought was I thought that church and state were supposed to be separate; why then are most polling locations at churches? Just a thought I had.......

Happy voting and may God be with us in the next 4 years-regardless of who wins; we'll need God in the times we are about to face as a nation.......

The Queen

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Pick Up Artist.....

No not me.......but have you ever seen this show? Its completely ridiculous and absolutely the reason why there aren't any PS out there, I am sure of it......I mean if you have to go on a show to be taught how to "pick" up women by some some guy who looks like a side show circus freak-that claims he has the market cornered on this "craft" then all of us single women in America have serious problems......

They call us "sets", a group of women to approach is a "set".......the last I recalled we were called women-trying to have a good time with friends until dumbasses like them approach with lame ass questions........anyways the reason for this blog is a new term they threw at me last night......."keno".......basically a "set" showed one of these poor souls some "keno" and he couldn't respond to our Chris Angel look alike's liking.......what the hell is all of this if you watch this train wreck and know what this term means please enlighten me so I don't go around showing it the next time I am out and get approached by a "pick up artist"..........ugh.......still single and still looking for the main's no wonder when I have crap like this to compete with......

The Queen