Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm taking the "Potato" Pad back bitches!

Score 1 for me! Cops called this morning at 3:00am on one neighbor (renter) about their dogs and non-stop barking! Also that the dogs are mistreated, left out at all hours, in all kinds of weather! Makes me NUTS! Then I decided to take things a step further and with some investigative work and the help of the Oklahoma County Assessor's website I was able to locate the landlords to the properties that are an issue in my neighborhood, or on my street at least. I called them up, told them what was going on and warned them that I was moving forward with complaints with the city on their properties, which could result in fines for them and also that I had made complaints with the police department as well! Actually the landlords were very receptive and open to discussing the issues and told me that they would contact the renters and get things handled. And after a follow up call from one of the landlords, re: the crazy house that is right next door to me - with Mrs. Don King, I was more than reassured that I had been heard and that changes should start taking shape around here soon.......we'll see.......I'm not holding my breathe, but I have my phone ready to make more calls!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The "Hood"

I am convinced I live in it. I should have known when I bought my "potato pad" a year ago I was leery somewhat of the area, but my cute little house and all of its "home-i-ness" took me over and I never looked back......or to the east, west, or north of me.

Well now it is starting to show its true colors and needless to say I am not thrilled. Don't get me wrong I am not scared in my house in the least; but my neighbors are not so desirable. I swear I have a "don king" look alike living next door to me and she, yes she, is a woman. I think everyone is on crack in that house, and its confirmed by how many people come and go next door. There is a recluse that lives on the other side of me, and I have never, I mean never seen out of her house. She peers at me through her blinds. Then there is the alcoholic who lives across the street, and his wife works at a liquor store no less. I have never talked to him in my entire last year here; but he decided to make his way over to my house this past Friday, and in his best non-slurred speech, made an attempt to tell me that there were drug deals going on at the end of our street. I smiled and obliged him and sent him on his way.......

I don't know what is to come in the next 2 years, since that is my term here, but I am sure it will be an eventful one. As long as my car, the boys and my house are left alone all will be fine at the "pad".