Friday, February 13, 2015

Love or Friday the 13th?

Well here we are, the eve of Valentines Day - THE day that everyone falls all over themselves for, expectations are set, butterflies are in stomachs, we should all own stock in flower companies or farms and of course the disappointment......but not me not this year.

I am focused on that its Friday the 13th and almost 8:00pm and not a damn thing has gone wrong all day! Not only that, I have a great weekend to look forward to with my "pack", celebrating the one and only KIKI. When we get together there is always an assured good time! This year Valentines day has been the furthest from my mind, in fact I kind of forgot a couple of times - this of course is very different for me from years past. Normally I am forlorn, down, depressed, wishing I had a valentine of my own and of course was receiving flowers. Honestly I think I have grown out of it; I am really starting to appreciate the single life, the freedom it allows and the other blessings I have in life.

Not too mention, after years growing up watching the Charlie Brown cartoons, that are Valentines related, I should be made of steel - these are brutal. Charlie Brown never receives a Valentine, is always overlooked, desperately searches out the affection of a little red haired girl and is always disappointed too.

Here's to Valentines Day - wishing you love and happiness just not tomorrow but all year long. Besides I have the best "cupids" to keep me cuddly, warm and all loved up tonight and alwsys- Tator and Sam!

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