Thursday, March 19, 2015

The call came.....

and man I wish I could say it was a relief. It wasn't. Uncle Sam took me to the cleaners and then some......I am now in debt to the federal government and I am not happy about it. It could be worse, I am hearing this a lot lately. Just when I thought this was the worst news to be had, I also learned my rent is increasing this next year and I have uncovered an immune system that is shot. Go figure. Stress  maybe......I say yes. At least I am on track to dig out and strengthen the immune system - my ultimate goal is go be healthy and forego a sinus/upper respiratory/bronchial infection within a 3 month period.

That what doesn't kill you makes you stronger - literally lets hope. On a brighter note I had some much needed girl time with Jess and Kiki this past weekend! Kiki came in first and Jess, her mom and benlette came in later - we had such a great visit and one that was much needed for me FOR SURE! Love them all to pieces.

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