Monday, April 4, 2016

I almost forgot.........

that I had a blog. And then one of my dearest friends reminded me - she asked me about blogging some time ago and then just days ago told me she had read mine. I was very touched and reminded about this online journal of sorts. This blog has definitely been a place for me to let it all go, speak honestly and never hold back.

I decided to come back here after a failed attempt last year; I have spent the evening reading over the last 8 years of my life and all that has taken place. All the while the man in my life has been on the couch listening as I read from the past and laughing with me and just listening. "Cape" (thats what we will call him for short) really came out of nowhere and hasn't gone anywhere since. We have been together since September 2015 and are going strong. Sam, Tator and our new addition, Libby are all still here and living with us - yes thats right we live together and its been a very LONG while that I have shared a space with someone special. I am happy though, after all of this time - truly happy. Cape isn't what I expected and he is his own person, however he is all about me - genuinely. I can feel his love, sense his concern for my feelings and most importantly he can understand my OCD - hahahah - no really.

I hope to continue to share here as life progresses, as it always does and provide myself with a life to look back on and smile like I did tonight as I read from so many years ago.

Thank you Mandoline - for reminding me :)

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